511 Warlock LF Raiding Home! 10/12 EXP

Hi, I have just transferred to this server!

I'm very excited to be on a LARGE Pop Alliance server once again. I'm currently 10/12 Experience in Throne of Thunder. I have done attempts on last two bosses as well in various groups. However, I'm seeking for a 10 man or 25 man Core Raiding guild. Please be at least 10/12 in your progression.

I have been playing World of Warcraft off and on for over 7 years and I know my classes well, but I'm always willing to learn. I'm a team player and look to assist any group willing to let me join them!

Please message me in-game or you can add to this thread.
Character Name: Firecall

Available Times:
Tues/Wed/Thurs: 9PM-1AM Server Time
Fri/Sat/Sun: 9PM-1AM Server Time

Please let me know which Raid nights work for you best. I prefer those set days, either or.
Hi, I spoke with you a bit online tonight.. that link is ps.wowstead.com. Please go ahead and app if you are interested.
12/12 25M ToT starting heroic progression next week!

Hey! You look like a really solid player and I or the raid leader would definitely be interested in talking to you.

<Opponent> on US-Stormrage is currently recruiting for our 25 man. We're currently working on improving our core roster and replacing underperformers. We've recently expanded our 10 (which was 15/16h) man to this 25 man in preparation, and are currently recruiting to fill missing slots. Raid times are Tu-Thurs from 7:00 eastern to 11:00 eastern, with optional Sunday and Monday raids, where we drop our raid size to 10 man and continue progression, allowing everyone as much or as little play time as they wish outside of normal raid hours.
We currently have a high need for:
- Mages
- Warlocks
- Shadow Priests
- Boomkins
- Elemental Shamans
- All Healers
And of course if you can't commit to a raid schedule, bench players are always welcome.
You can contact the raid leader at djphoenix#1202.
Our site is http://www.opponent-guild.com if you're interested in exploring, filling out an application, or seeing what we're all about.
Some quick links you may be interested in...
Guild Code of Conduct: http://opponent-guild.com/conduct
Team Rules: http://opponent-guild.com/forum/m/1902711/viewthread/5953232-triple-dragon-team-rules
Look forward to hearing from you!

History: United As One was founded April 13th 2013 and has flourished beutifully in such a short time. It was created by Kaneika with the help of complete strangers who have grown to be a family of friends. The guild is by no means a kid-friendly guild. Everyone are mature adults who can handle themselves and contains an R-rated chat both in-game and on Mumble. The goal of this guild is to make it the best guild on Stormrage as not necessarily being the #1 guild in terms of progression, but being the best guild to be a part of, on the realm. I have 8+yrs experience and 3 of them are with raiding.

Personal Progression: 10/12 TOT

We have venues fit for all types of people be it casual or hardcore. We will have 3 Core Groups and they are as follows:

Team 1 (Name TBD): Tues - Wed - Thur 7PM - 11PM
Team 2 (Name TBD): Wed - Thur - Fri 12AM - 3AM
Team 3 (Name TBD): Fri - Sat - Sun 7PM - 11PM (casual)

We will also have organized PVP events which will be handled by our PvP Division Officer(s)

We also would like to extend our services to new players and will have teams set up for leveling, running dungeons, and offering advice on all classes, specs, professions and so on.

We currently have openings for 2 Raid Leaders, all raid spots and all Class Leaders, however you must have an Authenticator attached to your account to be a Leader.

Raid Leaders: Must know all fights, and most class mechanics to assist players achieve the guild's goals.

Class Leaders: Must know your particular class in all 3 specs and be able to assist players achieve their maximum potential.

We currently have Mumble and a website: http://unitedasone-stormrage.enjin.com

If you need any more information, please contact me via REAL ID: soleina#1660
Please indicate in your request comments that you would like to

A: Obtain more information about the guild
B: Apply to the guild

Have a fantastic day and hope to hear from you soon!


<BulletProof Nerds> Stormrage - US

Looking for the following for core spot!
DPS - Warlock, Mage, Boomkin or Shadow Priest

We raid only 2 nights a week Tues & Thurs 9p-12p EST (server time).

We are a 10m guild.

ToT: 7/12

The exceptional player we seek MUST have some logs (from World of Logs) and be able to rank & avoid standing in stupid.

BPN is a lvl 25 guild and provides the following for raiders:

We expect very near 100% attendance since we only raid 6 hours a week it shouldn't be too hard. We expect you to know your class, perform at the top of your class, have raid awareness not to stand in stupid and be aware of upcoming changes to your class.

Apply @ www.bulletproofnerds.com
If you have questions or would like to chat add my battle.net @ SCHLUP#1342
Emergence is a recent 25 man guild in need to bolster our ranks. We are currently 11/12 ToT on 25 man raids however we have taken 2 10 man raids to finish off Lei Shen. We are always looking to expand our roster and are always happy to invite groups of friends or casual raiders.

What we have to offer:

- A social guild atmosphere
- Vent server
- Competitive progression with minimal raid time
- Raid consumables (we provide 4 flasks a week and food buffs.)
- Free enchants for raiders
- Repairs

Our raid times are:

Tuesday: 10:00pm - 2:00am EST
Wednesday: 10:00pm - 2:00am EST
**Alt raid (Not mandatory)- Thursday: 10:00pm - Whenever EST, just for fun.
**Extra raids that are not mandatory will happen later in the week based on demand.

We are currently looking to fill the following roles for our core raid group:

2 Caster DPS: (Mage, Boomkin, Warlock, Shadow Priest) Mage/Boomkin preferred.
Any strong players, especially warriors, are always sought.

Please message Chinzilla#1141, Femto#1152, Slimsloth/Commiesloth or Ironic in game. Alternatively you can email us at emergence.stormrage@gmail.com with any questions you may have or arrange a date/time to speak with one of our officers.

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