New to proudmoore/alliance! LF raiding guild

Recently myself and 3 of my friends left dragonmaw (H) because of inactivity. We got very tired of running our own guild, and having to wait hours for pugs. We decided to not only bail on the server, but also on the horde.

We are currently finishing up on leveling new mains and getting ready to get geared up for raids. We are a group package, and looking for a guild to call home. We want to find the right fit for us. We are all 21+ and prefer good social players that don't mind our potty mouths (lol). Hoping to find somewhere to go soon as we are about to start getting that gear!

We have a Prot warrior, a Mage , ele and resto shaman! Hit me up in game or on thread!

Btw ...we are digging the server!!!! Everything about it is better than where we came from!!

Hey Cheapshock,

<Executive Order> is a raiding guild that just transfered to this server for a similar reason you did (inactive server) and we are currently looking for a few people to fill the gaps in our raid roster. You and your friends fill the gaps almost perfectly. So, if you are interested, here is a link to our recruitment page here on the forums (the page has a link to our website too) . Check it out and see if <Executive Order> looks like a guild you would like to be part of.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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