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It started several years ago. The dreams, haunting her sleep. making her restless. Some of them strange and some very clear. She noticed a few seemed to have a prophetic feel to them. When she dreamed of finding a lute in an old ruin, she went in search of it.

It took her ten long years, dreams occasionally giving her clues. Finally in the basement of a manor house long abandoned and almost falling apart with age, she found it. The old chest had contained many things she found interesting. An amulet with a pale blue stone encased in a silvery metal that was not silver. A long hooded cloak of white silk trimmed in silver and blue embroidery. A short staff of oak that felt enchanted in her hands as if it gave her courage and inner peace.

And in the bottom of the chest in a well constructed case was the lute. It was made of a beautiful cherry wood. The strings were actually in good shape. Metal with a soft sheen to them as if they were oiled.

She had no idea how to play it. Finding an instructor would be a good idea. But where would she look? Sighing in frustration she put it back in the case and threw the beautiful cloak over her shoulders and the amulet around her neck.

Suddenly the thoughts coming into her head made it spin in confusion. She looked around, frightened of what she might have disturbed. A sibilant sound of cloth being dragged across the floor made her turn to the window. A voice of infinite sorrow floated into her mind.

"So you have found it. The Lute of Foretelling it is called. It will teach you to play, and it will give you songs to sing. The words are prophetic if you have the talent to decipher them. Often in riddles and sometimes misleading." the voice came from everywhere and yet she did not see anyone in the room with her.

"Who is there? Show yourself! I mean you no harm...I dreamed of this for ten long years...did to me then?" her voice going from fear to wonder. She spun around as she heard a soft sigh behind her. The shimmering form of a woman floated above the floor.

"Of course you do not...the Lute seeks those with strong hearts and minds. Those of honor and intelligence. A good bit of common sense is good as well. It might have called you...I am sure it was intended for you to find it. Now what will you do with it?" the form of the woman seemed reluctant to stay long, it flickered in and out of sight.

"I...I don't know. What am I supposed to do with it?" her voice curious and bolder now. She did not fear the spirit. Her hands went to the amulet around her neck and her fingers closed over the blue stone.

"Play the lute...listen to your heart. See what happens. Be careful though. The ability to foretell the future will attract the wrong kind of people. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and not sing...merely play the lute. See what happens. Light be with you child..." and the spirit dissolved into nothing.
It was not a good place, the drunks were rowdy, the smell was atrocious, but the beautiful music drifting from the lute in her hands made heads turn and smiles abound. Hahnai Shadowstar hummed softly as she strummed the instrument. Words came every so often, mostly snatches of songs she had heard in the past.

Those around her did not seem interested in anything but drinking and gambling. She provided an ambiance to the tavern that the Innkeeper liked. He had offered her a room for half price to sit there and play. The only problem was, she needed to make enough in tips to pay for her room.

The song she felt coming to her mind was subtle. It started out as a ballad, a brave young man who went to sea. He is far away from his love and lamenting the fact he is dying and cannot get back to her. As her lovely voice lifted in the sad song the tavern became quiet as each person turned to her and listened. Only the sound of her lute and voice could be heard.

There were not a few teary eyes as she finished the song. One sailor got up and approached the stage. "Ye be a sad singer...but it seem I might know who ye sing about...a fine lad who died at sea. Have a coin and a drink on remember him. Thank ye for bringing his tale to light. His name was..."

Before he could say a name she reached out with a soft hand and held it to his lips. "No do not tell me a name. This is a song written long ago and far away. It is a song for every sailor who has not been able to return home...thanks for the coin, drink the cup of mead for me."

He stood stunned a moment and nodded. Her touch was sweet and he sat near her, drinking the mead and smiling as she strummed a more lively tune. The tavern erupted into boisterous singing a few moments later as she played a rollicking drinking song.
It had been a hard road traveled to get her to Booty Bay. Taking the zeppelin from Brill she had landed in Orgrimmar. The smelly and noisy Orc Fortress was harshand she did not like it, but she had to go on from there. Singing in the Wyvern's Tale had earned her enough coin to buy supplies and a mount.

The last night in the Wyvern's Tale had been very strange. She had been singing a sweet ballad and suddenly felt the lute shift in her hands. She only faltered a moment and then the lute seemed to take on a mind of its own. Her fingers seemed to be guided as she strummed a slightly different melody.

Her eyes glazed over and she could not see for a moment. Going into a trance as her voice lifted in a song that told of the horrors of war. A warning to all who fought in the bloody campaign to level Theramore. Retribution was on its way. And the guard who sat near her scowled.

"The humans are fools!! They do not know how to stay away from our lands!! They killed innocents and destroyed the small settlement in the Barrens called Taurajo. The Horde will not sit still as we are attacked! We will wipe their presence from our lands!!" he was boisterous and proud.

When she recovered her senses she sat stunned as the crowd glared at her. What had she done? The innkeeper was also not happy. A bouncer came to her with her few pitiful belongings and escorted her out the door. "Go now and be grateful we do not toss you to the crocs in the Southfury River."

Hahnai hastily packed her lute away and mounted her new hawkstrider. Setting off for the south she passed Razor Hill and headed to the troll islands. She did not realize it until she stopped that a troll rogue had followed her.

"Mon, ya need ta sing fer da trolls, we like yer music...we be more open to yer kind den ya tink. I hafta say, ya be not welcome in Orgrimmar anymore...but mebbe ya kin find a mate ta keep ya safe on da road. Check wit da innkeepa heah...she be feeding ya fer a song and help ya figga out dat song be a seer of sorts...I am guessin' mebbe."

Hahnai was grateful to the troll and spent a few days talking to the trolls. They loved music and singing and taught her a few of their songs to sing. The lively witchdoctor who coached her on the singing did tell her to find someone to watch her back and guard her, someone who could keep her safe when she did her foretelling. The news of her talent had spread around to the other trolls and they revered her as a seer.

There was one incident of a foretelling that was unexpected and met with some scowls. She told of a troll dying at the hands of an Orc. They seemed to almost expect this and mumblings of revolt against the Horde leadership reached her ears. She decided to move on and traveled to the small settlement of Ratchet.

The goblins took advantage of her singing and she stayed there for several days. She made enough coin to book passage on the ferry to Booty Bay. Sailing songs were easily learned and sung on the trip over to the other continent.
He missed the dry air of Orgrimmar and even the sea air had a different scent then the Echo isles. Looking out the window he guesses it was due to how Booty Bay was made. Goblins were such messy creatures building anyway they could with no regard for the natural spirits.

This trip was important. Coming to the homeland of the Jungle trolls of Northern Stranglethorn Vale and then south to Booty bay was part of his growing knowledge of the Loa. How could he be true to his culture without ever setting foot on the birth land of the Darkspears?

Not bothering with the bulky chairs he was sitting on the ground of the local Inn before him was an animal skin marked with tribal markings and he tosses a set of three bones down.

Blinking at the bones "Now dat be interesting." He then reached down and picks up his drink taking a sip of the water. Traveling as he was he didn't have much why bother simplistic life was a natural way to him.

He brushes his thumb on his tusk as he looked about wondering about the message they told. "Clairvoyance...'mm a seer?"
Iviaen Brightblaze and Dalaen Duskhallow, a pair of Sin'dorei casters, stood outside the entry tunnel to Booty Bay, the later holding a burlap sack filled with relics dug up from old troll ruins around Stranglethorn.

Dalaen shot Iviaen a devious grin, "Last one to the tavern buys drinks."

Iviaen returned the grin, "You're on."

Dalaen counted down, "Three, two, one." The duo was off. Iviaen sprinted past Dalaen who started into a leisurely jog.

About halfway across the dock, Iviaen had to stop, holding his side from not breathing right while running. Dalaen jogged past him and into the inn with little effort. He called out to the mage, "Hope you brought enough gold."

Dalaen entered the establishment with a few heavy footsteps as he slowed from jog to walk. He confidently strutted across the room to a table positioned against the wall. Dalaen took a seat facing the entry, sat the bag of relics upon the table and sat waiting for his out of shape mage friend to arrive. His eyes wandered the room and settled on Hahnai. He observed her playing with slight interest.

Iviaen stumbled in, disheveled, panting heavily and leaning on his staff for support. He made his way to the table and stood beside the chair opposite the warlock. He started up, "How do you alw--"

"Shh, music." Dalaen cut Iviaen off as the mage plopped into a seat, panted, and stared at the musician.
His left ear lifted up as he caught a melody he recognized. He turned his head to look at Hahnai then he closed his eyes and focused on the melody. Smiling as he let the song take him, he started tapping the floor to the beat.

His ear wiggled again as Dalaen and Iviaen rushed in. "S'e be good, mon. I been listenin' for a wile."

Taking up the bones he put them away in a pouch at the side, perhaps one of those two been gifted with the sight of the Loa. Then he shook his head no way those two were the seer. His attention returned to the music letting himself drift to the melody. Thought he kind of regretted the rowdy singing of the fellow patrons.
The lute was a true find, as it played in her hands. The melody filling the Salty Sailor with a softer sound now as she looked around and smiled at those who came to the stage and dropped a few silver in a decorative jar she had found in the troll ruins to the north.

The jar was old and the paint on it was nearly worn off, but the depiction of the ordinary life of trolls was something indicating it was not a magical or significant artifact. It was just a well made jar of pottery that had a pretty design of flowers that grew in the jungle.

Hahnai glanced at the Sindorei who wandered in, giving them a sweet smile if they looked her way. The bright teal of her eyes danced as she began strumming the Highborn Lament for their benefit. Her voice lifted in a clear tone as she sang the haunting tune.

She had not forgotten the troll sitting on the floor, and as she finished the song for the elves, she turned to him with a bright smile. "Ya mon, I be singin' da troll songs from da Echo Isles jus' fer joo!" her attempt at a troll dialect a comical thing coming from a Sindorei. She then launched into a chant that the trolls had sung as they called for spiritual guidance. Her fingers on the lute strumming a background of a strong beat resembling the drums of the trolls.

The young sailor at her left scowled as he heard her singing Horde songs. He had become enamored of her and wanted to hear something from Stormwind. "Sing a sailor song again! I have heard many songs from Stormwind to Lorderon of old. Remember Theramore!!" he shouted as he stood to glare at the Sindorei.

The goblin bouncers moved towards him to subdue the drunken sailor. Hahnai was startled and stopped playing the troll song to stare at the young human. He had evidently forgotten she was also a Sindorei. She spoke quietly to him to calm him down. "We are all friends here, peace my new friend. We only want to enjoy the fine tavern and the company of new friends. I have not been to Stormwind, I do not imagine I could walk in there safely." she smiled and started strumming a calming melody.
Dalaen gave Iviaen a funny look then began to empty the contents of the burlap bag onto the table, "Why are you sitting? Go get drinks." Amulets, beads, charms, little knicknacks, nothing too valuable or important.

Iviaen let out a sigh, just beginning to catch his breath. He got up from his seat right in time to wind up face to face with the angry human yelling about Theramore right at him. He stood there slackjawed for a moment before saying, "We were at home in Quel'thalas when it happened. We had nothing to do with it." He then looked around the room, almost paranoid. "In fact we don't even--"

Dalaen chimed in, "Iviaen. Don't say anything stupid, just get drinks."

Iviaen sighed and side-stepped the human. He dropped some coins in Hahnai's jar before retrieving drinks for the bar. Two mugs of something and a third mug full of water for himself. He carefully carried the three mugs back, trying not to drop them or get smacked by any angry humans.
The tavern air is humid and salty from the near by bay. The setting sun's dim light pours in through the wide cracks in the wall. A dozen of candles light up the tavern causing the sailors shadows to dance along the wall. A young blood elf sing the slow sorrowful lament of the highborne. The song sends chills down Bir'tali's spine. flashes of darkness, shrill screams, the image of blonde hair and fine cloth coated with blood flood his mind. the tavern comes back into view. The singer has moved on to some strange tune.

He grabs an over turned cup to reveal five dice and begins sweeping his winnings into his basket. "What?!" the goblin across the table yells " How... But.... Damn you" the golbin winds up and punches another goblin right across the face. " Why would bet that much off our money." Bir'tali gather his belongs and move across the room before the goblins try involving him in their dispute.

He grabs a handful of his winnings at random and drops them in the singer's pot. "Sinu a'manore sin'dorei. You are a good player but try to keep the songs light. We come to escape. Give us a melody to get us feeling alright" He says to the luteist with a smile. He sits down at the bar and orders a drink. "We are all here for a good time" he yells back at some human sailors disturbed by the presence of more elves.
"Yeah, mon! I be missing my 'ome even dought I be 'ere to see the ancestral 'ome." He starts swaying to the troll tune when the human spoke up. Looking to Dalaen and Iviaen "What dat 'uman be saying mon? I don't understand dat tongue." He tosses some coins into the jar noting the design.

Looking to the human he thinks about cursing the sailor, maybe a full blown hex. Then sighed that would of course be an abuse of the Loa gifts. Settling down once again in his chosen spot he laid down that animal skin before him.

"Da elf is right. Dare be other places to fight lets Eat, drink, and be merry mon." Then he tosses five bones down to the mat looking over the results.
The tinkle of coins filling her jar made Hahnai smile sweetly. She continued to strum the lute and nodded at the fine Sindorei who asked for livlier tunes. Her mind whirling a little as the troll spoke she caught the sound of bones being tossed. She was curious as she had seen some of the troll witchdoctors in the Echo Isles do the casting.

Her strumming grew slower as she strummed now softly. Without a falter in her playing her eyes took on a far off glaze. Her fingers picked out a haunting melody, intricate and precise. Her voice when she lifted it to sing seemed a little different. The words were clear and all in the room heard them.

There is one who sails the seas,
His name is never known.
A dagger that is never pleased,
Till blood is shed before the dawn.

Twice the silver, half the gold,
A maiden sings a song.
Deadly blade, hand so bold,
Two rights will make a wrong.

Never spoken of in Light,
All will be revealed.
A messenger will be in flight,
Lover's Fate be sealed.

Her voice was silenced and her fingers continued to strum the haunting melody for a few more minutes. She then stopped and looked around as if waking from a dream. Her eyes blinked and she noticed everyone was looking at her. She coughed a few times and reached for her mug of mead.

She appeared puzzled and unsure for a few moments and then shrugged it off, taking to strumming the lute again as if nothing had happened. She hummed softly, trying to think of a cheerful song.
Tuk head lifted as he heard the haunting tune. Turning his head he narrowed his eyes, his thumb moves to his tusk as he thinks. Glancing around taking note of the odd looks of others he rose up and walked over to Hahnai. "Maybe I got a song for dem, mon." He lowers down telling her what melody to play. "It be different words of course, but same tune." He waits for the melody to start then begins singing.

Some friends and I in a public 'ouse
Was playing a game of chance one night
When into the pub a guardman ran
His face all a chalky white.
"What's up", says Brown, 'ave you seen a ghost,
Or have you seen your Aunt Mariah?"
"Me Aunt Mariah be buggered!", says he,
"The bleedin' pub's on fire!"

And there was Brown upside down
Lappin'' up the whiskey on the floor.
"Booze, booze!" Da guardmen cried
As they came knockin' on da door (clap clap)
Oh don't let 'em in till it's all drunk up
And somebody shouted Orgimmar! Orgimmar!
And we all got blue-blind paralytic drunk
When da Old Dun Cow caught fire.

"Oh well," says Brown, "What a bit of luck.
Everybody follow me.
And it's down to d cellar
If da fire's not dare
Then we'll have a grand old spree."
So we went on down after good old Brown
The booze we could not miss
And we hadn't been there ten minutes or more
Till we were quite pissed.

den, Smith walked over to the port wine tub
And gave it just a few hard knocks (clap clap)
Started takin' off his pantaloons
Likewise his shoes and socks.
"Hold on, " says Brown, "that ain't allowed
Ya cannot do that ding here.
Don't go washin' trousers in the port wine tub
When we got Dwarven beer."

Den dere came from the old back door
The Priest of the local church.
And when he saw our drunken ways,
He began to scream and curse.
"Ah, you drunken sods! You heathen clods!
You've taken to a drunken spree!
You drank up all the Silvermoon wine
And you didn't save a drop for me!"

And den dere came a mighty crash
Half the bloody roof caved in.
We were almost drowned in the frostmage's dose
But still we were gonna stay.
So we got some tacks and some old wet sacks
And we nailed ourselves inside
And we sat drinking the finest Rum
Till we were bleary-eyed.

Later that night, when the fire was out
We came up from da cellar below.
Our pub was burned. Our booze was drunk.
Our heads was hanging low.
"Oh look", says Brown with a look quite @!@#!##@*.
Seems something raised his ire.
"Now we gotta get down to Wyvern's tail,
It closes on da hour!"

He let out a good laugh after that. "Who said we trolls don't know how to sing." He winked at her. "Speak to me later, mon I got a few more ya might be interested in learning. Dare be a few other dings as well." he says as he looked at the lute with a puzzled glance, adding softly that maybe she even didn't hear him "both of ya."

Then he headed over to the bartender. "Got any Frog Venom brew?"
Iviaen successfully made it to his seat without being assaulted by angry human sailor or dropping the mugs. He let out a sigh of relief, set the mugs down, then sat himself down. He slid a mug to a distracted Dalaen.

"Warlock." Iviaen said as he took up the mug of water into his own hands, "Your drink."

Dalaen was busy staring at Hahnai with one of his two long auburn eyebrows raised. His pushed his glasses up his nose, "Did you see that?"

Iviaen took a big drink of his water before snarkily commenting, "No. I was busy fetching drinks for your lazy cheap !@# and dodging angry patrons."

"Looks like she went into a trance or something." Dalaen commented, "How curious."
The air is cool and crisp, the forest ground lay mostly hidden in shadows, only the occasional beam of sunlight manages to pierce the thick canopy of trees above, the forest was indeed full of life, birds fly overhead squawking as they pass, and millions of insects chirp their melodies for anyone whom will listen.

Two Kaldorei women make their way through the thick foliage, the first moves through gracefully, taking in all that is around her, her appearance nearly makes her indistinguishable from her surroundings, leaves and vines adorn her cloths, mushrooms sprout from the stave hung from her back, and she holds a small rabbit, cradled in her arms. Followed closely behind her her counterpart makes her way, her movements anything but graceful, she takes heavy footsteps in direct path behind her predecessor, her armor makes loud clanking sounds as moves forward, in her hands she has her ax and shield at the ready, her eyes moving for anything that she would consider hostile, eager to make the first move.

The first Kaldorei stops at a clearing, and sits down with her back against a tree, she holds her rabbit in her lap gently stroking its head, the rabbit looks up at her wiggling its nose, the druidess gives a warm smile. Her companion reaches the opening moments later, she looks down at the druidess and shakes her head a bit as she allows herself to fall backwards, resting her head in the soft forest ground.

Ten: Aghh, Why did I have to come anyways? Pretty sure you can handle yourself around a bunch of small bunnies!

The Druidess chuckless softly, covering her mouth with her hand.

Masa: Well...mainly because you volunteered.
Ten: Yea...I've never been to Stranglethorne, and I didn't think it would be -this- boring!

Some time roles by; perhaps an hour, maybe two, and the sound of a large horn pierces the stillness of the meadow, the bunny scurries out of the druiedess' lap and the warrior leaps to her feet, ax and shield in hand she rushes to the direction of the horn. She soon returns with a gleeful grin on her face, hunching over resting her hands on her knees, panting as she tries to catch her breath.

Teniya: Hey, you'll never guess what! We're right next to Booty Bay! I bet they have a good Tavern there with some local jungle brew..or maybe some sailor style rums! Lets go check it out!

Masa looks at the warden in bewilderment as the words register in her head and she reaches around picking the rabbit up and putting him back in her lap. Masa shakes her head and sighs as she stands up, cradling the bunny in her arms.

Masa: We didn't come here to try the local brews, we are here on important Cenarion business.

The druidess' words must have not reached Teniya, because before she could finish the warrior was already high tailing it towards the harbor, yelling out from a distance.

Ten: Race ya there! Loser buys winner first round!

Ten is the first to reach the Tavern, she gives a short cheer to herself as she happily finds herself a seat, and slouches back in it, several minutes later Masa makes her way through the Doorway and joins Ten at the table sitting across from her.

Ten: Looks like I won, so pay up for the first round "Leaf Lady"

Masa lets out a deep sigh shaking her head, she sits properly in her seat with the Rabbit in her lap, stroking it gently between the ears.

Masa: I never made any such just ran off!
Ten: Victory by forfeit! Lets have some that jungle brew!

Teniya has a large grin on her face as she leans back in her seat, resting her feet on the chair next to Masa, two human sailors take notice of the commotion and approach the table they are sitting, both of them taking a seat beside one of the elves. The men look grizzly with rough beards and ragged cloths, reeking of alcohol and poor hygiene. The sailor that set next to Ten attempts to put his arm around her neck but is quickly shown that it is an unwelcome advance as she twist he hand backwards and throws it back to his side.

(---continued in next post--))
Sailor A: We herd ye two talkin bout which one of ya was to be buying the drinks fer eachother, an we figuring the fine gentlemen we are would buy um for yee lassies.
Sailor B: Aye, nuthin but buncha Horde wenches here, 'bout time we get some purty Alliance Gals in this tavern.
Masa: We're actually from the Cenarion Circle..and not part of the ---
Ten: Leafs here is taken already, and you two are seriously not my type!
Masa: Ten..
Ten: What? its the truth isn't it?
Masa: Yea but you didn't have to put it so...
Ten: Besides, the inside of my boot smells better then these two.
Masa: TEN!!

The sailors faces melt, jaws dropped in disbelief the sailor next to Ten pulls out a dagger and lunges at Ten, her face lights up as she skillfully dodges the assault causing the sailor to fall forward crashing into the ground, the sailor rolls over preparing to make his next attack but his face quickly became very acquainted with the front of Ten's shield, as it slams against his head knocking him conscienceless. Ten stands over him grinning pointing her ax around the room.

Ten: Anyone else?!

The sailor whom was sitting next to Masa quickly rushes to his fallen comrade's side pulling over his shoulder!

Sailor B: You'll pay for this, mark my word!

The man rushes out of the bar with his buddy over his shoulder, followed by a couple of the other humans.

Ten: Yea, you better run!

A goblin waitress approaches the table, Masa quickly rises from her set and bows her head.

Masa: I'm Terribly sorry for my partner's behavior, she is a bit...rambunctious...we'll pay for the damages and leave!

The goblin laugh as she places two drinks on the table and turns to Ten ushering her back to her seat.

Goblin Waitress: Kick you out? You kidding me? I was considering offering her a full time job as a Booty-Bay Bruiser! Them sailors have been harassing our Horde customers all day, and they are lousy tippers, won't even let the bard over there sing her songs in peace!

Masa blinks in disbelief as Ten happily chugs down the drink the waitress brought over, finishing it quickly and slamming the empty mug on the table with a satisfied sigh.

Ten: Hear that? Looks like somebody finally recognizing how awesome I am!

Ten's words seemingly go un-noticed to Masa, whom eyes become fixated on the Sindorei Playing the Lute.
(I hate to post again and post so short but...)

Iviaen blinked at the sailor's mention of horde wenches. Dalaen's carrying on about the trance slipped from his mind for a moment, "Did he just call me a wench?"

Dalaen snickered, "Well you do have very nice long hair, a pretty dress, and a drunk human probably couldn't tell the difference. So yes, princess, he probably did call you a wench."

As the handing sailors their hind-ends commenced, the casters burst into uncontrollable laughter. The sailors got what they deserved and the Sin'dorei casters found this hilarious, perhaps they've got a bit of gnoll in them. As things calmed down their chuckles subsided. Dalaen resumed pondering the trance and Iviaen resumed being clueless about it.
Tukalzul watched as the fight and he thought of joining in. Till he saw that the woman ten was handling herself well. He took this chance to look at Masa then his ear twitches as he hears the sailors yell.

Looking to the Dalaen "You be noticing it too yea mon? Per'aps we put our minds togeat'er to figure et out." Glances to the door "What did dose sailors say? I'm afraid I be only knowing Orchish and my native tongue."

Once again he slid his thumb on his tusk as he wondered if those sailors were bloodsail pirates. Taking his drink he walked over to Dalaen and Iviaen "Can I be joining ya mon? Seems trolls aren't popular with da locals dey be giving me da cold shoulder sense I arrived. Of course being so near uncivilized trolls would do dat. I be Tukalzul or Tuk for short a witch doctor in training of the Darkspears."
Dalaen stared down at his mug and shook it around a little, causing the liquid inside to swirl around. He answered, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Maybe I should replace the mage with you since you seem to actually pay attention to things."

Iviaen glared at the warlock from across the table, "Hey. I was paying attention as best I could. I was just trying not to get punched in the face is all."

Dalaen spoke to Tukalzul, "Sure, go ahead and have a seat."

Iviaen picked up one of the items they had collected that are strewn about the table and began to examine it, "The humans were talking about the lack of females of races that are of the Alliance, that there were only "horde wenches" around. They may or may not have been including the Warlock here and I in the wench title. They also earlier were on about Theramore."

"The name is Dalaen. That's Iviaen." Dalaen introduced them then returned to talking about the trance event, "She was on about some unsavory individual."

Iviaen pulled a handkerchief from somewhere and cleaned the item he was examining, "She was just singing a cautionary song about a stabby type. We all know stabby types and to watch our backs." He took another look at the item then rubbed it with the cloth even more.

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