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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
The atmosphere in the Salty Sailor was rough and Hahnai was beginning to wonder if she might have to leave. The tips so far had been good. Taking a short break to peer into the jar she grinned and smiled at the patrons.

The night was getting very late, she yawned and turned to the goblin bartender. "I need some rest, I hope I did well enough to earn a room for the night?" her voice gentle and coaxing.

The goblin looked into her sweet teal eyes and cleared his throat. "Yeah, ya did fine. Dere's a room at the top o'the stairs. Small but cozy. Ya kin sleep dere. Here's da key." he handed her a worn bronze key and pointed to the stairs. Something in his smile warned her however and she hesitated.

"I will be sleeping alone, is that clear?" her voice brooking no nonsense. He shifted around behind the bar and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Suit yerself, Tizzy would kill me anyway..." he glanced at the waitress who was too far away to notice his quiet words.

Placing the lute back in it's case she smiled and stood up to go upstairs. Before she left she waved at the patrons. "I need to rest, thanks for your appreciation of my humble skills." her voice carried to the back of the tavern.

As she made her way up the stairs she heard voices below, or outside, she could not tell. They seemed to be arguing and she could hear a male and a female voice. There was the sound of a scuffle, then silence. It troubled her a great deal, but she did not know what to do. As she reached the top of the stairwell of the odd building, which was built like a ship, she spoke to a goblin bruiser. "Did you hear anything suspicious? I thought I heard something back there in the stairwell. I could not tell where it was coming from, but it sounded like some people arguing and then there was a scuffling sound."

The bruiser looked at her like she was crazy. "Nothing happening here, we got this building secured. Just go and sleep, everything will be fine." he dismissed her concerns with a wave of his hand.
"I be knowing a few dings about fortunes, I be a poor witch doctor if I didn't take note of dings others miss. Dat was a warning perhaps might not be for us. If I be guessing dere be a lovers spat and a messenger fleeing." He settles down fully and takes a drink of his brew.

Hearing the singer retire he looks to the goblin owner "If harm comes to her mon. You be regretting it I be cursing you so much Dreadwing himself would pity ya." He smiled a smile that spoke that perhaps he wasn't so civilized.

Then he looked to the two he was talking to "A warlock hmm fel mojo be nasty stuff. To much like the dark voodoo. But I be not be causing trouble if ya want to risk ya soul it be ya right. Just as long it just ya soul and not anyone else."

He takes note of the artifact Dalaen was holding. "Dat be a troll artifact? I might be able to tell ya a ding or two about it. After all dis be my ancestors homeland."

That was when his ears picked up a faint sound of fighting. "Hmm speaking of noting dings do you hear something?"
The last few drops of ale drip from the cup. Birtali frowns as he looks at the bottom of his empty mug. There is faint sound of arguing. Hearing heightened by months of monk training allow him to make out the faint words " don't do this. Just let them be." flowed by a thump against wood. 'A quarrel that lasts longer then a drink is discourse' Birtali whispers his master's lesson to himself.

" and chaos must be corrected. It seems my intervention has become necessary."He says a little more loudly

"Another drink. I would like it when I come back from my evening stroll" he says to the barkeep. He advances across the bar and out the front door. " there is one of 'em. get him" the sailor voices ring through the air. A small cudgel comes flying down towards birtali's head from the left side of the door. Instincts take over. His arm shots up and strikes the attack's forearm. Off-balance, the attacker struggles to stay up. Birtali swings his right fist across his body striking the sailor's knee cap with a sickening crack. Birtali's open palm attacks flies upward striking the sailor beneath his jaw. The sailor goes flying upwards then falls back the to ground with a thump followed by the small clicks of teeth fragments landing. Birtali uses a few moments to evaluate the situation. A dozen or so sailors surround the bar entrance armed with knifes, clubs and a rusty cutlass. A human women lies unconscious on the ground. two more sailors lunge at Birtali from both sides. He ducks and sweeps their legs. he strikes one as he falls sending him flying into the tavern door. The hinges rip from wall and it falls inward. birtali spins around and gives a double handed strike to the other sailors chest. The assailant goes flying off the the dock and lands with a plump in the water. Birtali raises back into a defensive stance
Zurom, makes his way to Booty Bay with his trusty Demon Nazxia. He only came to this area with hopes of helping the local refugees, but for now wanted to relax in Booty Bay.
He frist came to this specific bar only after hearing the Highborn Lament strummed beautiful on a lute. This song would of corse grab his attention because for of more favored books in his collection was the Lament of the Highborn given to him by Lady Slyvannas.

At any rate he sat down at a table to listen to the music being played. His demon Nazxia now with her invisibility ability active as to not alert the others in the bar to a demon roaming around.
She asked Zurom a simple question as the next verse began,

Nazxia : Do you think there is something odd about that lute?
Zurom : No stranger than it would be for other people to hear your voice come out of thin air
Nazxia: I'm serious Zurom you should investigate that lute their is something odd about it.
Zurom: Okay, fine if you insist. But it would be rude to talk to her while she is singing so we'll wait to talk to her after her set.

Nazxia agreed to this and they waited till Hahnai left the stage to approach her with questions about the lute. Unfortunately, something else caught Zurom's attention first. It was a fight going o outside the bar. Being the noble man he is Zurom forgot about asking any questions about the lute and rushed outside the bar to see the fight, and help end it if possible. Nazxia still cloaked following close behind. Zurom arrived in time to see a blood elf monk knock one of the sailors off the dock. Zurom could tell the the monk was assisting a human woman knocked out behind him. Zurom instantly knew he had to help in any way he could.

He had Nazxia uncloak her self and get ready for battle but Zurom still didn't want to cause to much of a scene, he thought of fastest way to neutralize the situation. Zurom and Nazxia acted quickly Nazxia headed in first merely as a distraction and used her powers of seduction to distract the sailors surrounding the monk. Once their attention was caught Zurom in his metamorphosed form landed in front of them with Demonic Leap. Then Zurom used Carrion Storm sending the remaining assailants over the dock and into the drink. He then turned back to normal and Nazxia walked up to his side. Zurom then turns to face the monk and unconscious woman. Zurom then speaks to the monk.

Zurom in Thalassian: Bal'a dash, Doral ana'diel? (Greetings, How do you fare)
I hope I haven't overstepped my boundaries and that my entrance wasn't to outlandish, no pun intended, but it looked like you could use a little help. If you want I can wait till they come back and you can finish them off. The humans should be fine, granting they can swim. Do you know the state of that human woman, how is she.
Iviaen ran an index finger along his own chin, "A lover's spat and a stabby person. Sounds like trouble. Do you think it's a literal warning or just..."

Dalaen interrupted, "I'm pretty cautious with it. I assure you that no souls are sacrificed by me. Except maybe the mage but he's not people."

Iviaen leaned forward over the table and mockingly brandished a fist at the Warlock, "Hey." He then looked towards Tukal and returned to hi seated position, "It's something we dug up. It's probably not worth anything, you can take a look sure." He pulled it from Dalaen's hands and set it on the table before the Shaman.

Dalaen's ears perked at the sound of arguing and scuffling. His mind wandered back to the exchange between Hahnai and the Goblin about the room. He searched the room for the waitress Tizzy as he responded to the inquiry about hearing the noises, "I did indeed hear something, excuse me a moment."

Iviaen rubbed the back of his head, confused, "I didn't hear anything." He picked up another troll relic and began to clean it. "What did you hear?"

If the waitress was not in line of sight Dalaen would get up and go in search of her. If she was alright he'd order a drink from her so as to not make himself look like a huge !@#.
The bruisers did their part and the scuffle outside the door was soon settled. The pirates were sent to the brig. As Hahnai climbed the final stairs to the top floor where the innkeeper had said her room was, she heard the flapping of wings.

She was surprised to see a griffon land just outside the doorway. The young human who walked into the inn from the doorway glanced at her and nodded politely. She did not get more than a brief glimpse of his face under the dark hood, his cape swept the floor and he moved quickly down the stairs. What she had seen was a dark beard and very dark eyes. His skin was also very dark, it made him appear sinister. Though she knew it was probably only her imagination.

Shrugging she continued to her room and went inside. The room was very small, barely a cubby hole with a bunk and a small table that had a drawer in it and a few hooks on the wall for a closet. There was no window, and just a single unlit candle. She sat on the bunk and removed her shoes, and her bags were set on the floor. She was very tired, and lay down to rest.

Meanwhile the darkhaired human made his way down into the tavern and ordered a mead. He sat at a table in the corner and watched all the people sitting there drinking. He did not remove his hood, but kept it close around his face. He sipped at the mead, but made no attempt to engage anyone in conversation.

The goblin waitress approached the tables and took orders for more drinks. "Hey there! Elfy, ya want another? Sure thing. Don't mind the scuffle outside, the bruisers will take care of it. Wasn't that singer good? She sure knows how to play that lute! I guess she needed a break, I think she will be back later. The night is young!"
Several hours later, Hahnai came back to the tavern downstairs and brought her lute. The bartender smiled and brought her a mead. "We was all hoping you would be back. They been asking for ya!"

The young priestess smiled and nodded. "Thanks, I guess I can play some more. I had this dream...I think maybe I need to find someone to help me figure it out." her voice rather low as she sat on a chair that was on a slightly elevated platform.

The music she played was haunting and beautiful, the notes intricate and the melody complex. When she did lift her voice, it filled the little tavern. There were few in the place who were not fascinated enough to stop talking and listen to her.

The dark haired human she had met briefly when he flew in on his griffon had to smile and nod as she played. His mug of mead was filled again as he listened to her. There was a slight shimmer in the air around her now and he frowned when he noted it. As she sang, the words of her prophecy rang like a bell in his mind. He was a messenger, and his mission was important. If anyone knew of it he would be in deep trouble.

There is one who sails the seas,
His name is never known.
A dagger that is never pleased,
Till blood is shed before the dawn.

Twice the silver, half the gold,
A maiden sings a song.
Deadly blade, hand so bold,
Two rights will make a wrong.

Never spoken of in Light,
All will be revealed.
A messenger will be in flight,
Lover's Fate be sealed.

The messenger looked around the room to see if anyone else noticed the shimmer around the girl. It did not take long to notice almost everyone was watching her. He carefully sipped his mead.

The door to the tavern was guarded by bruisers who were trained in detecting anyone in stealth. But if they were distracted, as they were now by the music, a crafty rogue could sidle in unnoticed. Such a one did indeed creep in and make his way to the table where the messenger sat. Deft fingers lifted the small scroll case from the messenger's belt. In it's place a small coin purse was inserted. A note inside of the pouch read simply, "Message delivered, go back to Stormwind and await further instructions."

As the small figure crept up the stairs to leave by another door, the messenger absentmindedly felt his belt and discovered his new found wealth. "Well! I'll be damned...I guess that was an easy delivery..." he mumbled to himself and read the note. He was perplexed and unsettled. He was only a messenger, but if the scroll he had inadvertantly delivered was to the wrong person...he could be in trouble himself.
Zurom left the woman in the care of the monk hoping he could heal her. He also notified the bruisers taking the sailors away if they could make sure the unconscious woman was alright.

At any rate Zurom reentered the bar about the same time a darkhaired human made his way down from the upstairs. Zurom stared at the man for a second until Nazxia once again cloaked with invisibility began to speak with him.

Nazxia : What' the hold up Zurom, I thought you where going to ask the bard about that lute? Why are wasting time looking at some random guy.
Zurom : Not sure I guess I'm just thinking.
Nazxia: About what?
Zurom: Its about that song we herd the bard sing.
Nazxia: What about it, I thought we both agreed the lute was the thing were interested in. Its the strange thing who cares about some song.
Zurom: It just I think the lyrics to that song are playing out in real time.
Nazxa: Huh? What makes you think something like that is even possible

Zurom went over the song one more time noticing key lines. And explained what he saw in the lyrics,
There is one who sails the seas,
His name is never known. --- Zurom: Could be the sailor we just had a run in with outside.

A dagger that is never pleased,
Till blood is shed before the dawn. --- Zurom: After all he was holding a dagger.

Twice the silver, half the gold,
A maiden sings a song. --- Zurom: Could this have been the woman from the fight outside? Or someone else?

Deadly blade, hand so bold,
Two rights will make a wrong.

Never spoken of in Light,
All will be revealed.
A messenger will be in flight, --- Zurom: And here comes a mysterious person into the bar at night. I may not me right about this song but something is weird here.

Lover's Fate be sealed.

Nazxia: Sooooo, you think.
Zurom: Maybe the song is just as magic as the lute.
Nazxia: Well we'll never know unless we go ask the singer.
Zurom: You're right lets go.

However Zurom was too slow and the singer made her way down the stairs and started playing again.

Nazxia: Wait are you waiting for now?
Zurom: She's playing again we can't talk to her know.
Zurom: Shhh not so loud people will hear you. Then we'll never get answers. I doubt the people here would like a demon in their bar. We're lucky there isn't anyone that noticed you yet. Especially, if theres another warlock around.
Nazxia:Look, I don't care one way or the other. I did my job as a minion telling you I thought there was something odd about that lute. You are the one that always need to know more information on anything magic.

Zurom taught to himself Nazxia was right this was all his idea. Even if Nazxia brought it to his attention. And with that Zurom decided to just ask the singer about the lute. With that Zurom approached the platform placed some gold in her jar and finally asked.
Zurom in Thalassian: "Bal'a dash, Doral ana'diel? (Greetings, How do you fare)
Excuse me, could I have a moment of your time?"
As time has past (since the scuffle outside), the Mage and the Warlock were now completely drunk.

Strewn about their table were various now cleaned troll artifacts, most useless costume jewelry,. Most of the items were in a pile but a few of them had been magically enhanced for sale by Iviaen. An amulet and a bejeweled black statuette of a cat were separated from the others. They were valuable, genuinely enchanted artifacts.

Also on the table were several empty mugs of alcohol and empty plates from various delicious foodthings the casters had ordered. They could probably use a server to come by and take their excess dishes but they're too drunk to care that much.

Iviaen was a happy, silly drunk, cheeks red. He's got some hot tea he's supposed to be drinking to sober up but he's distracted himself with a small flame he's got on his fingertip. He reached over and grabbed the cat figurine. He held it in both hands and his eyes flickered a red-orange color and his hands glowed a matching color. Charging it with fire magic, the figurine turned into an animated bejeweled orange tabby kitten. He went back to the flaming fingertip and the playful kitten chased it. "Kitty."

Dalaen, on the other hand, was a very serious drunk. The only indicator that he was inebriated were the red in his face and his inability to walk straight. He nursed a large glass of water to chase off a hangover.

Dalaen HAD noticed the messenger. He sat brooding with his eyes on the messenger. He was suspicious but he caught the shimmer around Hahnai when she started playing and shifted into the prophecy again. He didn't see the switch from the messenger but raised a long eyebrow at the strange energy around Hahnai.

"Hey! Mage. Pay attention, she's doing it again!" Dalaen said. His mug of water was almost empty and he opted to splash the remains of its content at Iviaen.

Iviaen's finger flame was extinguished and the front of his hair was wet. He looked over at the music source with curiosity as the bejeweled kitten bolted up onto his shoulder and began to mock groom the water from its self. "Hmmmm."

Dalaen's ears twitched as he picked up on Nazxa's raised voice at Zurom and raised another brow and began to twitch. He shook his head several times but her speaking continued. It wasn't all in his head. He grit his teeth.

"That's a really awesome spell." Iviaen appreciated the shimmer and music from Hahnai. He was still drunk enough to be unusually outgoing in liu of his common sense, so he grabbed the magic amulet and wandered over to Hahnai.

Dalaen sprung to his feet and bolted after Iviaen, "Oh for !@#$'s sake!" If Iviaen failed at having common sense, Dalaen would have to BE that common sense.

"Hey lady. I love you, but not like that." Iviaen held out the amulet to her, "You make pretty music and shiny magic. Here, have a gift." The kitten on his shoulder began to gnaw at one of his ears and he tilted his head back, "Ow. ow."

Dalaen stood behind Iviaen, trying and failing to push him aside and spoke to Hahnai, "I'm so sorry, my friend is a little intoxicated." He might be blocking the way of the stealthed individual, but probably not.
Zurom stared at the two casters now right next to him in front of the singer.
Zurom then spoke directly to Dalaen.

Zurom: Umm wow. Its your friend ok?

Nazxia now spoke quietly to Zurom as not to alert the another warlock so close to them.

Nazxia: He's fine. drunk but fine. There's a pair of casters that knows how to have fun, unlike you.

Zurom looked back quickly at Nazxia with a look on his face almost as if he was screaming with his eyes the phrase "Naz, there is a warlock a few feet from us please don't talk, you ruin us"

Zurom looked at Iviaen now attempting to talk to him.

Zurom: Your a mage? Judging from your robes possibly even a magister? I'd think you'd be a tad bit more disciplined.
Nazxia: He's a mage not a preist. If I'm lucky he's one bad night away from being a warlock. If that happens, I might jump ship.

Zurom they looked round the room the people in the bar looked angry at him and the two casters for disrupting the bards performance. This was not good. Nazxia was bored and liked alittle mayhem so she tripped Iviaen with her tail causing him to fall on to the platform Hahnai was playing on.
Zurom: Oh no

Zurom then let out a sigh and cover his face with one of his hands hoping someone could draw attention away from Hahnai long enough from him to ask a few simple questions
Danaen's eyes narrowed as he noticed Nazxia out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't see her when looking straight at her, but could see her ever so slightly when looking away. He leaned over to whisper a message in Zurom's ear, "You should put the demon away before you get us both kicked out of here."

Iviaen, meanwhile, tried to get the artifact kitten to stop nibbling on his pointy ear, "Magis... yeah part of them but not rank." The kitten let go of his ear, "Discipl? Just spent the day digging in troll ruins, fighting off... I can drink if I want."

Iviaen fell forward onto the platform Hahnai was seated on and the shoulder catifact hopped onto the platform. "Woah." He tried to regain his balance and grab the bejeweled tabby.

Dalaen sighed and grabbed Iviaen by the collar of his robes and began to pull, "Iviaen, let's get back to the table, now."

Iviaen hiccuped, "Didn't you want to ask pretty lady about the sparkling prophecy song thing?"
The interruption did not phase the Bard as she seemed to be in a sort of trance. Her song ended and she blinked several times. Lifting her hand to rub her eyes and looking with curiousity at the patrons of the bar stood in front of her. "Hello? I hope my singing pleases you. Is everything all right?" she smiled sweetly as Ivian held out the amulet. "Oh! Is that for me? I am flattered! But I am not sure we could be anything more than know...with the faction difference and of course you are an elf and live a VERY long time and I am just a human..." her voice trailed off as she blushed.

Perhaps he was just very drunk, and the others seemed to want to talk to her as well. When he was tripped by something she was startled enough to jump off her chair. The cat was pretty and she looked at it with a smile.

His words startled her however. "Prophecy? What are you talking about? I am just a Bard.." she trailed off as she hugged the lute close to her chest. She looked from one to the others and suddenly felt very vulnerable. She had no idea her song was a prophecy, in fact she did not remember singing it. In her mind she was just entertaining them with simple songs that are common in taverns.
Zurom instantly responded to the bards comments to Iviaen.

Zurom: Human?

Zurom thought to himself. Maybe the lute created some kind of link between the singer and a sprit. The singer obviously wasn't human, and earlier acted as if she was conscious of who she was, After all she played the lament of the highborne. After that he decided to ask assistance from Iviaen and Dalaen. It was an odd choice but, after hearing Iviaen talk about Dalaen calling the song a prophecy Zurom was sure he found people to ask about the lute. At least until the singer regained her own senses. Zurom oncer again directed his attention to Hahnai.

Zurom: I think, I should talk to you later. You obviously are confused of the situation. After your next song perhaps you could take a break and come seek me out.

Afterwards Zurom followed Iviaen and Dalaen back to their table with Nazxia still cloaked behind him despite Dalaen's comment. Zurom then spoke to Dalaen upon reaching their table.

Zurom: So, you found out I had Nazxia cloaked with me this entire time. I'll give you this you must be a good warlock to find her. She usually pulls the disappearing act in public. It was her idea. Since, well you know how the average person reacts to demons.

Zurom now spoke to Iviaen.
Zurom:I truly am sorry she tripped you. She has a tendency to act out when she gets bored.

Nazxia: Quit talking about me like I'm not here. I'll do what I please.

Zurom: As you can see she has a bit of a temper. Regardless, I couldn't happen but notice what you said. You realized the song was a prophecy. Tell me. Do either of who have any other information on it? My name is Zurom and know already know Nazxia. What are your names?
Iviaen managed to get a grip on the bejeweled catifact as Dalaen yanked him back to their table. "The shimm." He realized he was being dragged and derailed his train of thought, "D'awwww."

Dalaen ordered a large glass of water as he dragged the mage past a waitress.

With Dalaen's guidance Iviaen sat down back in his seat, he set the cat artifact on the table and it curled up in a ball, returning to its statuette form. Iviaen was presented with a large mug of water.

Dalaen sat down and instructed Iviaen to, "Drink it all right now or you'll get a hangover and I don't want to deal with you hung over."

Dalaen tilted his head and peered at Zurom, "Yes, it was somewhat obvious when you know what to look for. They are not my ideal choice for companions, then again neither is that." He pointed to Iviaen.

Iviaen raised a brow. He was starting to sober up. Starting. He blinked, "You don't have to apologise for Dalaen tripping me but..." He leaned towards Zurom and let out a whisper so loud the entire room could hear it, "Dalaen is not a girl." He was still oblivious to Zurom's demon.

Dalaen opted to answer Zurom's questions in reverse order, giving names first then answering questions after. "I'm Dalaen, that is Iviaen. You should really reel in your minion. Look at how well-behaved my minion is even when intoxicated."

"I'm not your minion, Dalaen." Iviaen replied.

Dalaen continued, "We noticed that the air around her had a slight shimmer when she started singing that particular forboding song about someone whom my drunk friend would call stabby." He scoffed at the mage, "She also seems to zone out and her voice changes a bit. I'd say there is something unusual going on."
Zurom sat at the table with Iviaen and Dalaen. He was ready to get a set of answers from Dalaen. Zurom could tell it would take some time before he could talk to Hahnai directly so decided to talk over what he had experienced so far regarding the lute with Dalaen.

Zurom: So perhaps the lute is using the singer simply to rely a message. But, if that where the case why would it need to replace her persona.

Zurom waited a minute and relieved he forgot to explain the information he learned about the lute.

Zurom: "Sorry, I forgot to explain the information I have. Maybe with the two of us we can figure out the meaning of this magic. Basically, me and Naz realized that the lute was magic from the moment the bard stated playing but didn't know exactly what it was meant for. It was only after a little scuffle outside and the emergence of that strange person in the corner. That me and Naz thought that the lute was some how predicting the future with its lyrics.

However, with the song being played again after the fact leads me to believe that something in the song hasn't come to pass. Its then I keep noticing the last line of the song "Lover's Fate be sealed." I believe the song is trying to warn someone, but other than that I'm clueless. What are your thoughts?."
Iviaen, now beginning to think straight, a little, theorized, "Perhaps it cannot place thoughts and memories onto it's vessel so it needs to possess instead."

Dalaen turned his attention to the dark human stranger, "They may just be cautionary, but the hints of magic imply there may be more to it." Dalaen shot a glare at the human in the corner, "Ahh yes. Him. Been watching him. Might be here for business instead of pleasure. As for the lovers, I don't know."

Iviaen activated the catifact again and it curled into his lap. He leaned back in his seat. "Love is overrated. I found a girl I fancied once and all she did was break my heart, slap my hand with a ruler, shush me, and take my books." He grew quiet as his mind wandered.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Hahnai relaxed. The bartender brought her a mug of mead. "Ah...Hahnai...ya know ya are a Blood elf...right? I kinda heard ya say to the elfie ya was a human? Are ya ll right?" his voice full of concern

Blinking in astonishment, Hahnai looked at the bartender. "I did? Oh...I...must have been thinking of something else...yes I am Sindorei..." her voice trailed off and she looked around the room.
She looked down at the lute and stroked it gently, taking a soft cloth to wipe off the smudges from her fingers.

Her hands shook slightly and she took a deep breath. Looking out at the patrons who were now back to drinking and gambling she nodded slightly and began strumming a soft melody. Her voice clear and sweet. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening now. No shimmer around her and her playing was normal and good.

The messenger in the corner was thinking as he sat there. He was trying to decide if he should go back to Stormwind or stay in Booty Bay for the night. The bartender brought him another mead and he sighed. He glanced at the blood elves and the troll, wondering why they seemed so fascinated by the singer. She was good, he had to admit, but he had no sense of magic, being just a messenger and not a magic user at all.

The upper floors were quiet now and most of those who were in the bar would probably be there most of the night drinking, or passing out on the floor. One of the humans who had been in the bar earlier came in and sat down next to the messenger. He had not been involved in the ruckus earlier, but had witnessed it. He gave a wary glance at the warlock and the mage. The bartender brought his mead and he paid for it before turning back to the messenger. "What news from Stormwind, pal? I hear the war is heating up in Pandaria?"

For some reason this brought a smile to the messenger's face and he chuckled. "It keeps me busy, friend. I think I will stay here for the night...would you care for a game of cards?" he took a deck of cards out of his pocket and started shuffling them. "The name is Vince, what's yours?"

The other man shrugged and tossed a few coins on the table, "Hal, and sure why not, I am bored as heck." he glanced at Hahnai and grinned. "She sings like an angel..."
Zurom was just as confused about the lute as before. What was it meant to do? Who was in trying to warn?

Zurom: I'm beginning to the only way to get the answers on the lute we want is to ask the singer directly, too bad I tried that and it didn't work out so well.

Nazxia: Well, if you want to try again know might be the time.

Zurom: How do you figure?

Nazxia: That lute of hers is not giving of as much magic as it was when she was playing the song who three have been talking about.

Zurom: Huh? Your right, that seems odd. Maybe it is like a normal spell. Each time it is cast it has a period of "cooldown" before it can be used again.

Nazxia: Right, so that means you guys have a chance to talk to the actual singer and not that weird sprit orcale.

Zurom: It seems to be our only option at this point maybe I'll go over a talk with her again. after all the bars not as crowded as before so it will be a lot easier to get her attention. Iviaen, Dalaen you have questions about the lute to right? Do you want to come speak to the singer as well?
The Sin'dorei priest had settled on a table in the corner of the second floor of the Salty Sailor. Booty Bay was a curiousity to the priest, and he found himself coming here to enjoy the intermingling of the races and factions. There were not too many places one could relax and observe your opponent in their leisure or shopping methods.

Azmos had chosen the second floor, as it wasn't nearly as rowdy as the first floor with all the drunken sailors, and such. However, he had noted there was someone strumming a lute upon the stage and he listened for the strains of its melodies as he sipped the cool amber wine before him. Cosmo had curled up on his shoulder and snuggled close to his neck, and the blood elf smiled warmly at his diminutive little dragon.

Suddenly he noticed that there was a quietness about the place. The melody was clear, and her voice carried all the way back to his table. He listened as her lovely voice sang a soft riddle. Azmos listened and he remembered and memorized the tune and words, even as her fingers closed the music softly, and he could hear the sounds of the patrons begin anew. What had just happened?

Az picked up his glass and made his way to the creaky wood stairs down to the main room. As he passed the waitress that had serviced him, he pressed a gold piece into her hand, and thanked her. He did not stop to see her staring at his retreating form as he made his way down.

At the landing he scanned the room, noting the variety of customers the establishment had this evening, and he nodded to a group of fellow blood elves. Then his eyes fell upon her, the one who was still strumming on a lute, singing a simple bar tune. He looked around once again, and noted there didn't seem to be the silence that had occurred moments before.

What was it about that song? Had it been the melody or the lyrics? Or had it been the woman that sat on the stool? He was curious, and proceeded down the stairs and made his way to a table that was close to the stage where she sang.

Her voice was sweet, and had a certain presence to it. But to grab the attention of everyone, he didn't feel that sensation of being almost mesmerized by the music as he had before. He finished the wine he had carried down with him and called for another one. As he watched her, he awoke the little dragon, and gave it a coin and pointed to the small container before her on the stage.

Cosmo flew over the crowd and settled over the open jar, and let the coin fall. He hovered briefly, as he looked at the woman playing, then pirouetted in the air and flew back to Az. As the celestial dragon settled on his shoulder, Azmos nodded to the bard and smiled as she played on.

When she finished and disappeared upstairs, Azmos ordered a simple meal, and ate in silence. He asked about the singer and if she would be returning, and he was assured that she would indeed be back. He sipped the cool amber wine, and sat waiting, stroking the pale blue transparent dragon on its chest, listening to its gentle growling as he did. Cosmo's eyes closed as Az's finger kept up the gentle petting.

She appeared rested and she smiled as she sat back upon the stool. As she strummed the lute she grew quiet, and the strain of notes she played grew more complicated, then she began to sing. Azmos watched her, and realized it was the same song from before, and he noticed it was having the same effect on the patrons. This time he saw a shimmering about her as her voice rose and fell in her singing. And he smiled, listening carefully again.

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