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Listening to what the young priest had to say concerning the new compound, Azmos nodded, "Indeed, I would like to accompany you. I would like to set up some sort of hospital or surgery there. I have a feeling it will be needed." His smile was warm and friendly as he picked up his recorder and played a few melodious notes.

He tapped his foot a few times, and began playing an old traveling song known in most every part of Azeroth. As he played the music entertwined with the voices of several of the patrons as they began to sing along with the old tune. He stood, and swayed with the beat, as he played the recognized wanderer's song. Then as he began to close it, he played a frivilous little ditty that had the patrons smiling and clapping as he finished.

Azmos sat down, and took a sip of his wine. He continued to ponder the strangeness of what had happened this evening. His playing and the nature of the playing intrigued him. He felt no fear, only curiousity as to just what the two of them could accomplish. Never had the priest been so excited about his music as he was currently.
Iviaen seemed unamused by Zurom's rainbow element comment. It was like rubbing salt in a wound. He's probably out a grossly large amount of money because of this. He grit his teeth, "That's not funny."

Dalaen replied, "Rainbow Elemental? I think it's hilarious."

"And that's why you're paying for my replacement supplies." Iviaen crossed his arms.

With Zurom's comments about the lute being contagious, the two momentarily stop bickering.

"It affects others as well? Mayb I should go up there and sing." Dalaen comments half sarcastic.

Iviaen rolled his eyes, "You're tone deaf."

Dalaen replied, "Maybe with magic."

"Just. No." Iviaen shook his head. Iviaen turned to Zurom, "We can travel with you. We have a need to return home so Dalaen can buy me a new wand and I can replenish my enchanting supplies."

Dalaen became momentarily less silly, "I don't think there is much point in trying to speak with her again. If she wants to talk to us tomorrow, fine. I'm not going out of my way to get in more trouble."

(This is Iviaen being bad posting on the wrong toon, kek.)
The idea of traveling with the handsome priest almost made Hahnai giddy. She felt a connection to this Sindorei and really wanted to get to know him better. She loved playing her lute and singing, it was a relief to be able to relax and play after a hard day of being a medic.

She took her role as a healer seriously, going all out to keep everyone healthy and safe. It was a very stressful job. She was still learning and willing to continue in that field, but she needed a stress reducer to keep her sane.

Looking over the happy patrons she was reminded that some of them had tried to speak to her. It made her feel bad they had been put off. She sensed they had something important to tell her, or some concern for her. Smiling at Azmos she leaned over to whisper to him. "I think I should talk to those who were here before, they seem to want to tell me something. Come with me and lets see what they want?" her pretty teal eyes gaze into his.

It would not be easy to face them. She knew they were upset at being escorted away. Gathering her lute and placing it back in its case, she slung it over her shoulder and approached the table where the three of them sat talking. It was interesting to note that some kind of enchanting materials seemed to have been exploded. She decided not to say anything so she would not embarrass them.

"Hello, I am sorry if you were trying to talk to me earlier. I do not want hard feelings before I leave to go back to my duties. I do intend on traveling around Azeroth and continuing my collecting of songs. Was there a question you needed answered? If it is about the lute, I am not sure even I know all of its secrets." she blushes slightly.
Zurom answered Hahnai the moment she arrived. "If anyone's sorry it should be me, after all we're the ones that interrupted your beautiful performance. I know not much I can say can forgive such rudeness, but I have discovered something odd about your instrument."

Zurom paused for a minute looking at Hahnai's facial expressions for signs of worry.

"Your, instrument may be cursed, It has seemed to contain the sprit of a human that posses your body. And on top of that that spirt seems to have the ability to tell the future. For example moments after you sang the song for the first time a woman was attack outside by a sailor, I know because I helped end the fight outside. It was similar to the lyrics in the song.

Zurom stopped a moment and looked at Hahnai's face again, she was obvious still confused of the situation.

"Perhaps, I'm being being a little rude in my haste. Now that I think about it, you probably don't know the lyrics to the song you sang while possessed. I'm not much of a singer but let me tell you the lyrics.

There is one who sails the seas,
His name is never known.
A dagger that is never pleased,
Till blood is shed before the dawn.

Twice the silver, half the gold,
A maiden sings a song.
Deadly blade, hand so bold,
Two rights will make a wrong.

Never spoken of in Light,
All will be revealed.
A messenger will be in flight.
Lover's Fate be sealed.

"This might seem innocent enough" Zurom continued, "but parts of what you sang have come true. For example "There is one who sails the seas, His name is never known, A dagger that is never pleased, Till blood is shed before the dawn." This part seems to describe the fight that happened shortly after you started singing. Next two more passages have happened. First "A messenger will be in flight." I got from ... a reliable source"

Zurom stopped and look back at the still cloaked Nazxia, as she was watching Hal and Vince during most of their conversations. It was because of her that Zurom learned for sure the mysterious person he saw earlier was indeed a massager. Zurom then continued his analysis

"That that human in the corner of a bar had come her to deliver a message, weather or not he is simply a massager and nothing more in all this remains uncertain. Finally the line "A maiden sings a song" originally I believed this was about the woman I saved outside, but now I think it maybe be about you. I always thought the song was trying to worn someone and I now believe the song is trying to worn you."

Zurom stopped the lengthly details of the song and waited for Hahnai's response. He only said one more thing on the matter before getting her answer. "I know you don't know me but I hope you can trust me, I merely want to help before this song you sang or even the spirt with you causes something bad to happen."

After Zurom pled for Hahnai to trust him Nazxia whisper something in his ear. "Yeah, right like she would trust you, you have an invisible demon behind you and you're speaking like a lunatic. Hell, she didn't trust you before because of your "something to hide", namely me. Good luck getting her to trust when she knows I'm here."
The moment Zurom started telling her the theory he had, Hahnai blinked, then smiled. "I am not sure what you say is the truth, I do not remember singing or reciting such nonsense. It sounds very cryptic to me. How do you know it is events that have happened or something yet to come to pass? As far as I know, the lute enhances my playing. I am not sure what it is doing to Azmos, but I trust him and I have a very good feeling about him." she turned to smile at the priest.

She shifted her feet a little before turning back to Zurom. "I do know something about fortune telling from an aunt who used to do it many years ago. It's something very important to remember. Anyone can predict the future, that does not mean you are causing things to happen, only that you somehow know what is going to happen." she paused, tapping her chin in thought.

"She said if something is foretold, and someone does something to prevent it from happening, it can negate the foretelling, or sometimes it can cause even worse things to happen. Think of it this way...if I told you that the next time you go to enchant something, and the robe you have on has not been thoroughly might create either something extremely rare and useful...or it will blow a hole in the side of this inn. can do one of several things. You can do the enchanting with the uncleaned robe and take your chances that you will create something wonderful...or you might just end up killing not only yourself but several others. can clean the robe before you do anymore enchanting, thus negating my foretelling. it my fault if any of these things happen?" she looked at him a smug challenge on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.
Dalaen looked up at the ceiling, "You did indeed utter that cryptic nonsense. You then claimed you were a human." He brushed some of the enchanting materials from his robes, "Now this may or may not be a problem, but there are some potential risks you should be aware of."

Iviaen patted the catifact, oblivious to the conversation.

Dalaen cleared his throat, "Risks." He gave the mage a nudge.

Iviaen blinked, "Oh. Risks. Well not to scare you, but it seems like when you are possessed you detach from reality. If there is danger this could leave you vulnerable. Thieves, thugs and goblins could harm you or rob you when you are defenseless and entranced. I would look into a full time protector." He picked up the catifact and stuck it in his lap, "Also, I would be afraid that the artifact may try to take over more often and eventually replace the real you completely. A third party, like your friend, should probably keep an eye on you to make sure the possession episodes do not get worse."

Dalaen rubbed the back of his head, "We've dealt with a lot of relics and artifacts over the years. Sometimes even the most benign can wind up being dangerous. We once accidentally activated one which we did not fully understand. We wound up imprisoned by humans for several months."

Iviaen shuddered, mumbling, "Creepy creepy human mages with many cats. Still have nightmares." He perked up, "Just be cautious... and don't let any goblins enslave and exploit you."
Azmos listened carefully to what both of the mages had to say, as well as Hanai's response. And he stepped behind the young bard, and placed a hand upon her shoulder, and gently squeezed it.

"I will watch over her, and we shall take what you have said under advisment. We also appreciate your concerns and thank you for considering what you have said before telling her."

He gently squeezed Hahnai's shoulder again, and left his hand on her shoulder as he stood slightly behind her.
Zurom looked at Azmos and Hahnai noticing the two had a connection. And began to speak.

"Well, then I hope you can keep her safe, should you need any help in the future I can help you. I know I seem like a bit of a shady character but, I can be quite friendly. Perhaps the time I've spent alone in the Ghostlands and Tristfal had made me forget my better manners. If you ever find yourself in Undercity feel free to look me up. I think I'll look into the lute's enhancement in Tristfal. It may be a fruitless endeavor but, my natural curiously for magic keeps me from basing by decisions on rationality. You said you didn't know if you could trust me, I'd gladly answer any question you have on me to earn your trust. All I wish to do is help"

Zurom paused for a moment waiting for a response. Nazxia began to speak, just loud enough for the other sin'dorei to hear her. "Nice job crazy, you probably scared them away with that performance. No wonder the only company you can keep is me."
The warmth of Azmos' hand on her shoulder caused Hahnai to turn to him with an affectionate smile. "I am glad to hear you are willing to stand by me Azmos." she said softly. Her attention came back to the Sindorei at the table.

"I am going to help some people who asked for my aid in fighting some menace they feel is invading the lands of our birth. If it is true and I am needed, I will be there. I am not sure what we face. All I know is the Fellowship has been driven out of Silvermoon by a House led by someone who seems to have lost all sense of patriotism to the Sindorei people." she pauses to reflect on that a moment.

The lute lies in its case and is silent, its influence no longer evident. It is Hahnai who stands before them, a quiet priestess who loves to lift her voice in song. Her vulnerability is mainly her youth and inexperience. She has much to learn. "I thank you for your concerns, I got a very good feeling from all of you. I know you mean well. I am not sure if the lute is influencing me or if it is a spirit as you say...I do not feel evil coming from this. It is something I believe both Azmos and I would sense immediately if it was. I feel I have a lot to learn of it and the things it is capable of. If the Fellowship no longer needs me or if I decide their battles are not warranted, I will leave."

Looking from one to the other she smiles, "I do hope to see you again! If you should go back to Tirisfal and search for the ruins of the mansion, keep in mind I did tell a few people about it, and the Reliquarry did say they would check it out. You might see if they have catalogued any new finds from the site. They considered it a very rare and important part of our past in Tirisfal. The Sindorei have been on this continent for centuries. I thought it was odd it was hidden so well in the forest. But then again, the elves have been rather reclusive and reluctant to engage in world affairs in the past. Until they were forced to look for allies that is..." her voice trails off.

The reassuring hand on her shoulder gives her hope for the future. "I am reluctant to stay in one place for long, it seems even before the influence of the lute, I loved to travel. I hope to see Pandaria some day. I hear it is very beautiful. But also dangerous. I have met few Pandaren, those I have met have been fascinating. But I know I do need more training and experience to deal with the dangers they spoke of." her voice is quiet.

The day is ending and Hahnai knows she needs to rest before setting out on her journey back to the North. Turning to Azmos she smiles, "We sould get some sleep and get an early start in the morning, I think we can catch a zeppelin from Grom'Gol and get to the Plagued lands fairly fast. But it is a long ride to the Enclave."
Az smiled warmly at the young bard, she was so a live and interesting. And he looked forward to spending some time with her, getting to know her, and sharing some of his own experiences.

He nodded to the other Sin'dorei as he began to follow Hahnai upstairs to the many rooms. He looked into the cramped little room she was going to sleep in, and spoke softly and clearly, "Hahnai, I have a large room that is more than sufficient for the two of us. There are two large beds, chests of drawers, and I promise to keep to my side of the room. Will you join me? Perhaps a nightcap, and a good night's rest to begin our journey tomorrow."

His eyes sparkle, and his voice is deep and warm. Cosmo chirped quietly from his shoulder, beneath his mane of white hair. "See, even Cos would like you to join us." And he smiles towards her.
Zurom watched Azmos and Hahnai head up stairs for the night. "Well" Zurom said to Iviaen and Dalaen. "I guess we all should get some rest, me and Nazxia have a room upstairs, We can plan on where to start our investigation tomorrow. We will see you two then."

Zurom headed upstairs to his room with Nazxia cloaked close behind. With this craziness it will be nice to finally get some rest.
The deep voice of the handsome elf was not lost on Hahnai as she looked into his kind eyes. Her room was indeed small, but she knew it would be improper for her to take him up on his offer.

"Azmos, you are so handsome and kind. I do feel safe with you near me. You tempt me with your gentle touch. Somehow I feel...we are meant to be very good friends...if not more. I will be fine and there are locks on the door. I am a light sleeper, and not without some defenses of my own. If you hear a very loud scream, you know I am in trouble...but also know any thief who seeks to take this lute would be in for a very rude awakening. the lute has a way of protecting itself." she smiled and wrapped her arms around him to give him a warm hug.

She felt his arms go around her and a feeling of peace surrounded her. "I do want to get to know you better. But the time for that is not this night. Sleep well my friend, I fear the battle we have yet to face will be a turning point." her words whispered into his ear.

She then kissed his cheek with affection and released him to go into her room. "Have a good rest, I will be up in a few hours."
"Rest well, little lady, until morning light." Azmos smiled warmly and waited until he heard the locks drawn across on the door before he moved towards his own room.

As he sat on the side of his bed, the priest picked up the recorder, and looked it over. It felt no different than it ever had before. But he smiled, as he remembered this evening, and the fun and joy he had playing with Hahnai on her lute.

He brought his lips up to the mouthpiece and softly played an old Sin'dorei lullabye. It was sweet, and gentle, and he played it twice quietly in his room.

He found that he wanted to play it more often, and learn more melodies to intertwine with the lute's player's strumming.

He softly touched the cheek that Hahnai had kissed before she stepped into her. She was a warm and friendly woman. Someone he would like to be very good friends with...if not more.

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