[A]druid & warrior tanks LF active raid guild

Greetings! (Alliance)

My friend and I have recently returned to the game and are looking for a new home in an active, somewhat casual raiding guild.

We both have already hit 90 and are gearing up through LFR. At the moment we're both above 482 ilvl and advancing quickly.

Both of us have been playing since Vanilla and have raid experience throughout each expansion. Most recently, we were the tanking duo for a progression, hardcore raid guild throughout cata through firelands before we had to quit due to moving.

Now that we're playing again, we're seeking a guild that raids each week, but does not stress out about pushing server-first's. We both work full-time and have matured beyond the point of needing to terrorize people or be terrorized because of wipes. We just enjoy raiding and want to have fun moving at a reasonable pace through the content.

As a bonus, we are good friends in real life and have developed a good synergy from tanking together through multiple tiers of raid content over the years. At the moment, we're a package deal.

If anybody is interested, please post below and I'll arrange to talk in game.

Oh-- and Wednesday and Sunday nights are presently our ideal raid days. A third day is always an option as well.
Look me up if you are willing to raid on weekends around 5st, could be a great fit.
In Game Mail me your Desired/Available Raid Days & Times I most likely got a spot for both of you.


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