Friend Zone 25M 10/13H LF RANGED DPS

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<Friend Zone> is recruiting people to join our guild and kill internet dargons and stuff. We're located on US Darkspear-Alliance We raid a total of 10.5 hours a week; however we sometimes end a little late and realistically, its more like 10.5-11 hours a week. We want applicants who don't need people to hold their hands, and who can be responsible enough to be prepared for raid. You also need to pull good numbers and not drop fire in the raid.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, Monday at 7:30pm Mountain Time (Server Time), we end raid at 11pm Mountain Time (Server Time).

Our Current Progression as of 6/18/13:
5.2: 10/13 H Throne of Thunder
5.1: MV 6/6 H., HoF 6/6 H., ToES 1/4 H.

What we are looking for as of 6/18/13:
Paladin: Low
Warrior: Low
Druid: Low
Rogue: Low
Hunter: High
Mage: Medium
Warlock: Medium
Priest: High (Shadow)
Shaman: High (Resto)
Death Knight: Low
Monk: Low

If you don't see your name on here, but you think you're better than our current raiders; please look at what we have to offer!

However, we prefer applicants to be greater than 520 ilvl and have 3/13 H ToT killed.

Feel free to check out and fill out an application

If you're interested in knowing our raiding atmosphere watch our streamer

Nawp: Battletag: Nawp#1149 (GM)
Celltechrage: Battletag: Spens#1678 (Recruitment Officer)
Vitaminwater: Battletag: Vitaminwater#1922 (Recruitment Officer)

We are super cute and are looking forward to hearing from you!
ranged dps we need you!
looking for a few more friends
so lets talk about game of thrones
hello, we are looking for blue casters, fireballs frostbolts and some arcane spells
blue casters lmao WE WANT THOSE THAT DO MAGIC

^ The kind of people that do that.
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How do you stop a Warrior from charging?

You take away his credit card!
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Where do you buy BoA gear?
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Char is Zerg.

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