Friend Zone 25M 10/13H LF RANGED DPS

Guild Recruitment
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What do you call a level 90 Warlock?


Hahahahahahah......hahahahaha....hahahah......hahah......hahahahah.................... ha
What do Druids from the South drink?

Okay, I actually like that one lol
every single joke is -1/10
Did you hear about Queen Azshara's new job ?

She got a job as a Cashj'ir
I thought that joke was going to go another way completely.
lmao. prostitution ring in wow
I hate h megaera
why did illidan fail his midterm?
he was not prepared
What's a Prot Warrior's favourite article of clothing ?

A tank top !
h8 tank tops
Why are all Tauren with mana bars dyslexic?

They go OOM.
wat what does that even mean
looking for those ranged dps
looking for those ranged dps
05/01/2013 04:50 PMPosted by Contrivex
looking for those ranged dps
where did sequence go
Why can't rogues and paladins have kids?

Rogues do it from behind and paladins use protection.

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