Friend Zone 25M 10/13H LF RANGED DPS

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What's the difference between a Guild Master and a Toilet bowl?

Toilet bowl only has to deal with one A** hole at a time.
Why do hunters make terrible photographers?

Because they're always out of focus.
Why did Arthas never get a suntan?

He was a Pale-adin!
Why wasn't deathwing invited to any parties?

He was dragon everyone down.
omfg. these aren't even jokes anymore, just puns.
also updated
I liked the guild master one
Why can't rogues and paladins have kids?

Rogues do it from behind and paladins use protection.

This one, omg.
need those ranged dps
need those ranged dps
05/02/2013 06:17 PMPosted by Contrivex
need those ranged dps
magaera is dumb.
h magaera down


Where did all the jokes go?
sequence come back :<
nooooooooo sequenceeeeeeeeeee
He done did ditched us.

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