Lovecraftian Horror movie Idea

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Imagine a group of people in a big city and on of the people suddenly acts strange and starts claiming that some being called The Slaughterer

A few seconds after this person starts his cryptic speach his eyes start bleeding as countinuing said speech then his eyes turn black and continue to bleed red blood for a few seconds.

Soon the blood turns as black as the eyes and a black tentacle sprouts out of his back and few seconds after that the eyes turn a fiery molten orange while still crying out the black substance.

Then as the person's speaking become's more fevered the black tears are soon replaced with molten lava and the tentacle sprouting fro his back become's molten and magma-like.

Soon his skin peals off to reveal a molten magma like Cthulhu-esque entity with the back tentacle becoming it's left arm(infact the tentacle's moving to the creature's right is what caused it's formerly human skin to peel off) and another tentacle appears as it's right arm.

Shortly the rest of the humans turn into gibbering Cthulhu-esque creatures with lava like properties speaking of the coming of The Slaughterer with the landscape becoming a monsterous organic mass of glowing orange lava-like flesh with tentacles.

Now imagine one of those creatures having a High Priest prophecying of The Slaughterer's coming.

Then picture someone fleeing a huge Cthulhu-esque entity with a humanoid upper body with a fat centaur-like(or should we say Pit Lord-like) lower body.

Then finally imagine a huge Dragon covered in tentacles landing right next to a bunch of mountains as they become corrupted by The Slaughterer's power into a monsterous organic magma-like tentacled mass of flesh.

How would you like such a Lovecraftian Horror movie.

PS:Judging from my description how do you picture The Slaughterer?
The above description is of the Trailer for my Lovecraftian Horror movie idea.

I still want to know how you picture The Slaughterer from the description of the Trailer for my Horror Movie idea(and whether you think it's the huge entity with a humanoid Cthulhu-esque upper body with a fat Pit Lord-like lower body or the Mountain sized Dragon).

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