[H] Dread Knights is recruiting

I founded the guild in 11/2005 with friends and we have raided all content from vanilla wow up to patch 5.2. Sadly, we were not able to maintain our raiding roster on our old server and all the core players agreed it was time to move and re-build.

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild serious about progression. The guild is made up of mature friendly members with busy jobs and families so understand how life can interfere with game time but we still enjoy playing and raiding.

We are looking for all classes and roles at this time.

Our website is: http://www.wowdreadknights.com

You can review our guild rules and policies on our site and apply. You can also PST any member for more information.

Raid Days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

We raid from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm server time (EST).
1/12 in ToT. Almost have Horridon down but always having to pug 2 players makes it hard to progress. Needing 2 dedicated raiders to complete our 10 man group with at least one of them a healer.
Taking all classes but needing healers mainly.
We are looking for mature players of any class looking to raid at least 2 days a week.
Also open to a possible guild merger if any guilds out there are looking to expand.

DK is a lvl 25 guild with 8 bank slots and 2045 achievement points.

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