Exhilaration .. what it means

Bleeding Hollow
No, actually you challenged me to a duel and then I won =P
Bahamas, i'm not sub spec i am assassination spec xD and the horde time you were at nalak it was just me and another rogue lol and actually you died instantly and you tried ressing 3 different times and died and then you gave up and didn't res again =P
Lol was he the kid you were !@#$ting on when were dueling in Isle?
Bahamas i have beaten sufferable and he has beaten me. This means that you're indeed a bad warlock
really? I was getting !@#$ on?

no %^-* it's 3 rogues and a mage, now I remember you were there too, so 5.

You need to shut up because you were always dead before me and there were 5 of you. Bad lock

Suff you never beat me sorry not even when Drænd interfered

bunch of baddies just like their gm


edit: I clearly remember you backpedaling all the way from the door to the stairs with suff just !@#$ting on your face

I saw Sufferable kill you o.0 rofl somebody get this kid a facking pacifier
Bro my s key isn't even binded on my lock....
Bahamas why are you denying everything that happened and then getting angry?
Bahamas, go end your high school first then you should be allowed to talk with adults. (PS: This game isnt for you)


Parruna, the french potato.

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