Gearing Strategy post ilvl520?

Ok. Thank you Grog. I will concede. I was wrong on a minor piont in response to a "30% melee haste isn't 1 sec global cooldown" post which has now derailed the entire thread like I predicted it would.

So anyway, Crusader Strike cooldown is unaffected by Insight I will accept. (confirmed by Grog)
Consequences to OP?

- Loss of free globals for Holy wrath and utility. "

This statement is still true. More haste = lower cooldown.
Global cooldown IS 1 second at 30% melee haste running Insight and raid buffs.

If Global cooldown stays at 1 second and spells refresh even faster you would just start clipping your rotation.
The bulk of haste's value comes from the Holy Power generation, so I wouldn't expect an inflection point before 50%. I could be wrong though.
Technically, it was all still on topic as we were attempting to fix a flawed premise, which still helps your topic in the long run. -_^

And GCD should not be at 1s for anything (not even Holy Wrath and Consecrate), even raid buffed, as the spell haste buff is still only...5%? And, to Insight, speed is still not haste, regardless as to whether it's spell or melee. Right now, at 30% haste, you're looking at a ~1.15s GCD - which is close enough, assuming roughly 150ms latency.

But you are right, that too much haste will cause rotational problems, but Rav's right in that it should not be an issue until we can actually achieve 50% haste. With latency, though, it may be up to the player as that delay also factors into effective global/ability cooldowns. Given that I run at roughly 120ms, I'm actually looking for about 33~35% haste as my zen number, since that will give me the illusion of a true 1s global.
Insight provides actual true spell haste though, not just casting speed. Swapping to Insight *will* change the listed frequency on Sacred Shield's tooltip, for example. The Seal of Insight tooltip is just inaccurate. So at a little under 30% haste from gear, your spells (but not melee abilities) should be GCD-capped with raid buffs. I'm calculating 12694 rating instead of 12688, although the 6-point difference is pretty academic.
...I really wish Blizzard would get their acts together on this crap. How the hell come "casting speed" equates to haste, but "attack speed" doesn't? >_<
It's just an error in wording. Blizzard fixed most of them, but somehow Insight got left out.
Do your healers in guild have any input?
How's your HPS/Overhealing with Battle Healer?
Do you like offhealing with WoG?
It's just an error in wording. Blizzard fixed most of them, but somehow Insight got left out.

Yep. There are some actual cast-speed-but-not-haste effects around, IIRC; Seal of Insight is just mislabeled.
If your Crusader Strike cooldown doesn't say 3.00s, you're not haste-capped.

...theoretically though, once you reach that point, I guess you'd want to stack mastery or something? *shrug*

While I'm not at that level of gear yet, this would make the most logical sense to me.

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