Returning to the ways of the Lock.

Hello all. My warlock used to be my #1 character. I was lock back when level 60 was cap. I remember running 5 man Scholo for my Robe of the Void pattern and felt pretty awesome when I was finally able to make it. I played my warlock up to WotLK where I switched my focus to my shaman.
My original warlock is long gone (deleted a while back.) Recently I wanted to retry the class, but I've seen so many changes with it this expansion that I'm apprehensive (yes I know I'm already level 21 but that was done in two days.) I was originally Demonology. I've always loved the warlock pets and I did well keeping them on a short(ish) leash. I look at Demo now and I just don't know.
I guess the actual question here is: Is the warlock still as fun as it used to be?
I know that's a debatable question and everyone has an opinion. I just would like to hear some of yours.

Thanks for your time and (hopefully) your insight.

I would say it is as fun if not more fun! You really have to re-experience the class though, I can't say that my opinion will be the same as yours.
I am still enjoying myself, I have always been Aff and never tried Demo but whatever dark path you choose I am sure you will have a good time.
I don't think demo is very fun, but destruction can be enjoyable. Also depends on what you want to do.
Demo is ridiculously fun once oyu get the hang of shifting in and out.
as i can see you.

1 : rage quited you old warlock : reasons ? maybe a nerf ? maybe you tought that it has unfun or if a while is "i deleted on cataclysm" its because of the changes wrath >cata.

2 : Warlocks are all fun to play, can be pretty competitive in PVE and 2 specs in PVP[maybe 3 with the buff on Dots for Aff on pvp ]

if you quited because of the nerfs, let's say that warlocks as always have a good chunks of nerfs but we are very strong [even after them].
if you quited because you liked how old specs on wrath maybe its good news....because pandaria is better than any expansion for warlocks [maybe not so OP as SLxSL or any FOTM warlock but crazy fun indeed]

You Like Pets? how many?
Here take thoose Imps in the form of
want a Burst tipe of Imps ? here
want a stronger pet ? take this
want even more pets ? this is the choice
but i WANT MOAR PETS! then you want this baby Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen and Doom

question : its possible to link spells like you link items?
Only top-tier spec in any pvp scenario is destro, and thats in RBGs... Extremely bland gameplay, while the only relatively interesting spec is revolved around the single worst spell ever given to this class (Malefic Grasp). You want a warlock? play spriest or mage.
only Destro you say?
ARENA affliction 3x3 on rampage.
2453 Demonology 5x5
2473 affliction 5x5

Top Rated Battleground players - Destro / Demo
1 place Demo / Destro 13 place.

Destro is the most popular spec for PvP of warlocks ? yes.

but the other 2 are far from trash[ Demo is Good if played right ,but you are right if you say that affliction have a problem in burst and put pressure on a individual target]

-NIGHTFALL-[ your brach of PVP]


5x5 Affliction.

now, i am not saying that in warlockland everything is OP and sunshines, nooo all 3 specs have problens on PVP, All 3 specs need some tweaks , but all 3 specs can do some chaos and destruction if played right on the team and are pretty good.

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