Dwarf paladin or human paladin?

Title says all

After that quest in the badlands where you have three dwarf "guardians" I hate dwarves.
Human racial are OP as hell this expansion. That said, go Dwarf...Just 'cause.
Dwarf. Because Dwarf.

Why would you want to be a boring old human anyway... Besides the OP as heck racial?
Blood elf.
Remember that patch where the human racial was nerfed. Then they said oh this sucks... and change it like a week later.... I was pushing rank in pvp and...

Yeah i went from human to dwarf...... i just haven't made the change back.

Honestly being the rare and illusive dwarf female is kinda neat.
Unless it is a druid, the answer is always "Dwarf".
Dwarf, they have better beards.
Human or Draenei, only go dorf if you want to be a diminutive clown.

<3 shorties
Unless it is a druid, the answer is always "Dwarf".

This guy, I like him. He's got the right idea!
Dwarfs are pretty cool, as Male Paladins look amazing with long beards.
But this Expansion has made the Human racials stand out more than ever, it's your choice between flavour vs OP racials.
fem human
fem human
Unless it is a druid, the answer is always "Dwarf".

*nod* Same with Horde.

Unless Paladin, the answer is always Troll.

Before you go all blood elf paly on me, he was my paladin back in BC... I keep him like this for nostalgia reasons more then anything.
I always said if I ever did switch my Pally to Alliance (Which would never happen) I would go Dwarf...

I mean come on. They're drunks and they have beards.
If I were an alliance, I'd go Dorf :) humans even if the facials are OP, make me cringe...

Lol oops I meant Racials... Damn auto correct on the I pad....lol
Apple's AutoFail never ceases to amaze!
I switched from a male human to female dwarf. The combat animation is not quite as good, but I think female dwarves look at home in plate armor. Also, it makes for interesting dungeon runs when people zone in to find a female dwarf (one of the few) protecting them.
Female dwarf. Just trust me on this.
Female Dwarf Pally rule......and we are quite sexy in plate....

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