Dwarf paladin or human paladin?

Female Blood Elf cause Azeroth needs more pretty people
Follow your heart, if you do your choice will be correct. Or you could go Dwarf.
Male Draenei or female dwarf. Save an endangered species today!
Dwarf. Human males look like pedopally.
I'd say it depends on WHAT you plan to do as a Paladin... IMO, Human's the best choice for PvP or Holy, Dwarf's best for PvE Prot, and Draenei's best for PvE Ret. Overall though, for Alliance races you can't really go wrong, plus (as some above stated) there's some fun to be had in playing one of the less-seen race-gender types. ^_^

(I didn't mention Horde races since I've basically been a pure Alliance player, no offense meant to our Horde Paladin counterparts!)
dwarf. With things like hammer of justice and lights hammer...basically anything hammer.
Dwarf, all day. Best jokes in the game, and they love to drink.
04/30/2013 04:32 PMPosted by Rhaeger
Best jokes in the game

"There's me hammer!"

Still cracks me up!
Human for pvp, Dwarf for anything else.
Choosing between Human or Dwarf Paladins is rather easy, really. It all depends on spec and gameplay (PvP or PvE). For PvP, you definitely want Humans for the Racial ability. Ret and Holy Paladins are best as Humans as well, because of the Sword and Mace specialization and the Human Spirit passive effect. As for Prot PvE, Dwarves would be good in terms of other racial abilities.
a yuman
No brainer. Dwarf ;)
For Paladins it goes:

God tier: Dwarves

Good tier: Humans

Meh tier: Taurens

Sh!t tier: Blood Elves and Draenei.

Then again, I'm still bitter at the fact that horde got paladins and alliance got shamans. No matter how much better gear they have, if I see a blood elf pally in a BG I automatically get mad and target them first.
The blood elf racial is quite nice in pvp!

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