Warlocks: PTR/Live Changes

* I just wanted to repost this because I believe that the points made here are also valid for Live realm Warlocks - a thread I made on the PTR forums - please lock if necessary *

Hello to everyone here on the forums! I've come here to talk about some things that I have thought about and tested on Live/PTR. Taking into consideration the way locks have been shaping up since their overhaul I have some things I would like to suggest in terms of changes. Feel free to leave your opinions too because feedback is always good and is really the only way that changes can be considered. If we don't voice ourselves how will the devs know what to look at? :) - guess I'll just jump right in and kick it off...


Recently I have been checking out the talents that we can spec into and how they affect/work/synergize with each other and the spells that we have currently. More to the point are the lvl 75 pet talents. Contrary to many people I feel that all 3 talents are very viable depending on the situation - although I do think they should look at Grim. of Service. Now I don't mind the CD and in fact many people overlook this really good talent. Because unlike a Hunter's Dire Beast which is pure damage on a short 30 sec CD GoServ. pets actually have damage and utility - which is what merits its 2 min CD imo - but the one suggestion I have for this talent that I think would polish it a bit and not be op would be to either have the duration increased slightly to 30 sec or make it so that melee pets that are summoned appear at their target instead of spending 10 of the 20 sec time just trying to get to the target. Imp has a decent time only because of its obvious ranged superiority.

Next but very shortly is just the honorable mentions of Blood Horror and Archimonde's Vengeance. Not much to say here other than the fact that compared to the other talents on these respective tiers, these 2 talent really need to be either reworked or replaced with something with more substance. Some have even suggested just swapping BF with Howl so locks and have the Coil/Howl combo once again.


This section really just focuses on the Glyph of Siphon Life. (New and Old) - where this glyph was updated to a set amount of heals per immo/corruption tick rather than a damage % based heal. I'm really liking this change as it makes for more steady heals over time but I was thinking it would be nicer to have a flat 1% Total Max Health heal rather than a split 0.5%. I read from a good source - since my math is bad - that the new glyph is really a very tiny increase in healing. Many locks agree that they would like some passive heals like they once had and I feel like this glyph can really help to just have a little more healing tied to it. You have to sacrifice a major slot for it anyway and its not a true HPS as it only procs when your DoT does its dmg, so the actual point of healing can change.

Quick runner up is the change to Glyph of Nightmares where we can mount across water in BGs again - just wanted to say thanks for that devs :) - since if you are hit you will fall into the water. That is definitely a fair trade if you ask me.


This is an interesting section that I pondered upon for quite some time. Warlocks, to be honest, have some really good defensive CDs if macroed correctly and used at the right times, but with some recent changes to spells and gear I think we can take a quick look at them. Currently on the PTR the Warlock 4 piece pvp set bonus now buffs basically all of our DoTs by 10% and makes Twilight Ward's all magical school absorption the new 2 piece. Its a nice little buff to overall DoT damage - although not the answer to Affliction's pvp distress, which the devs admitted needs work - so I cannot complain about a buff to my damage :D. But with this change, Unending Resolve has lost its 20 sec CD reduction, which is a little double edged if you consider it. The CD was already very awkward with the 20 sec reduction making UR a 2.67 CD... very clunky. Although a reduction is good that was just plain odd. If possible, I would even take a nerf to its damage reduction to only 20% w/ 8 sec aura mastery to have UR be on a 2 min CD. I feel that it would have great synergy with lock spells and talent and would solve the clunky 2.67 CD. Now some may say wait, No More Lock Buffs! - but if we look at things like the change from 40% - 20% damage reduction I feel that it would be a nice trade.

This would help with casting where in a world of soooo much CC in pvp to the point where hard casts are seldom rewarded, it would give us as a recent blue post stated a better "kill window" or simply a window of opportunity to actually get some casts off. Some may look at a spell like the actually Paladin spell Devotion Aura and say well that is on a 3 min CD but it does have a damage reduction element - although it is only magical - but it does affect the entire party/raid making it very strong. With resolve only affecting the warlock 2 min at 20% damage shield for 8 sec should not seem so crazy. It would really help and work well with other spells.

And as before a quick honorable for this section would be the lock 10 min pet summons. This just seems like such a long time to wait for a pet that only lasts 1 min, cannot be used in Arenas or RBGs and does not do a ton of DPS. There was a point in the game's history where 10 min made perfect sense but at this point I think this can stand a CD reduction. 5 min would be nice - perhaps even a bit too generous - but I'd even take 8 min over 10. Just something to tack it down just a little bit.

Now I'm sure there may be some things I missed or simply forgot to mention between all of the testing and live play but I feel that these changes would do us much good without making us crazy strong. I'm not here just trying to grasp for buffs or anything - I'm just being truthful about some things that I think could use some work and help the class out as a whole. Please take a moment and think about how these could help you and please don't be afraid to leave comments - even if you hate locks or are a lock and simply disagree 100% - let the forum know why and how you feel about it, spark some discussion, and lets keep trying to make the class and the game better for everyone. :)

P.S. - Pet Ai, Fel Energy Regen and Pet Survivability should also be looked at. Having pets that are less responsive and non Grimoire of Supremacy pets that are almost instantly blown up in any pvp situation just hurts plain and simple. :/ - Also the change to Demonic Gateway, esp the cast time (regardless of it being destroyable) is really nice. Gains its charges way faster too. Maybe a 3 sec cast to summon pets too? 5 sec cast no haste is a little on the long side...

* Not sure if I should add this to the regular lock forums too...
I didn't really read much of this, but it looks like you have a lot of different ideas that you should split up into different threads. People aren't going to read such a huge post.
I think a lot of the things you mentioned are a little too ambitious for a patch. They are probably not going to change our talents as right now they work. They only seem to make talent changes when one talent is too powerful, and they just nerf or remove the talent.

I think the Syphon Life Glyph will help Destro the most of all because of how easy it is for Destro to get lots of Immolates going on lots of people.

Affliction still needs something to be competitive. The 4 Piece is just to make up for Corruption nerf earlier in the patch. Maybe Blizzard feels Affliction Warlocks are fine as they are.

There is a risk with lowering the Infernal cooldown of making it too strong in RBGs. Since an Infernal constantly AoE's making flag caps impossible. Of course Shaman fire totems do the same thing but I don't know how to address that.
Blood horror is cool for pvp, its not soo OP like blood fear has but its cool.
I dont pvp, been thinking about trying it. But i do have to agree with the summoned guardians.
I think most if not all locks would agree some changes need to be made to it
but if we look at things like the change from 40% - 20% damage reduction I feel that it would be a nice trade.

Not in PvE. In PvE, it would be a rather severe nerf. Warlock survivability is already rather incredible.

That said, I *do* agree with your characterization of the new Siphon Life. I have roughly 560k HP in a raid. Thus the glyph will heal me for ~2800 per tick.

As Affliction, Corruption ticks every 2 seconds, plus MG ticks. Most raids, I have pretty close to the same number of MG ticks and regular ticks (so about 50% MG uptime), giving an average tick interval of 1 second. Haste knocks that down to 0.86 seconds. Net is ~3250 HPS. As Demo, all I have is the base Corruption rate, 2 seconds, modified by haste. Net is ~1650 HPS.

As Destro is really where is shows it's limitation. Destro has Immolate, which ticks every 3 seconds instead of every 2, and no MG to amplify the tick rate. Destro also prioritizes haste to a much lesser extent, due to not really benefiting at all from haste thresholds. As a result, the net HPS for me as Destro is around 1100.

That said, Siphon Life is already extremely weak. As Destro, my SL ticks for ~1850. The change will buff it by ~50%. Honestly, if there were another glyph worth it for Destro, I'd be using it instead.
I think a lot of the things you mentioned are a little too ambitious for a patch. They are probably not going to change our talents as right now they work. They only seem to make talent changes when one talent is too powerful, and they just nerf or remove the talent.

Of course I do not expect all of these changes to be done at this time, but getting the ideas out there is important. Development takes time and much consideration so having the ideas on the table is really the 1st step.

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