[A10M] <Intemperate> Recruiting! [12/12]

Intemperate is a mature 10-man Oceanic PVE progression guild on US-Frostmourne. Our core raiders have come from previous successful high-end guilds and have a wide variety of experience in endgame raiding. We run a roster of around 11-13 raiders to maintain good class balance dependent on the encounter, and rotate our raiders through farm content. You are expected to be available 90% of the time.

Current Progression

12/12 T15

Current Recruitment

- 1x Healer (HPriest/Rsham)
- 1x Ranged (Warlock)
- Any Exceptional Players

Raid Days (SVT GMT+10)

- Wed: 8pm-11:30pm
- Sun: 8pm-11:30pm
- Mon: 8pm-11:30pm

Our expectations

- Research & understand fight mechanics.
- Appropriately geared character.
- Have excellent understanding of your class.
- Raid attendance of 90% and above.

What we offer you

- Assistance in gearing and preparing your character
- Guild repairs
- Feasts
- Fun & social environment. We do things together outside of raiding.
- Serious attitude for progression.

Interested in Applying?

We do not use a formal application system, instead we prefer you to contact a member of our guild in game. We run a unique leadership style, where all raiding members have input into the running of our guild. Anyone online in the guild can assist you with any further questions you may have, and speak with you about what you can offer Intemperate.

Contact Us

You can speak with any guild member in game, drop a reply here, or contact me on Battletag @ Argantis#1524
Hey, have any use for a 515 Fury war? Can contact me on Napdyn#1333 if im a consideration.

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