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I like how everyone is attacking me and insinuating that I implied in any way that I was more important than any other player in the game.

I merely stated my dissatisfaction of the wait time to have my ticket answered by a multi-million dollar company.

Just because you are a customer does not ever guarantee a response from blizzard. This forum is also for non customers to post with questions/issues.

If you do not have an active account, you CANNOT post in these forums. An active account means you paid for one, and that makes you a customer.

These forums need to be re-titled, Customer Support implies assistance from the company the customer has paid money to. Not flaming, rude replies from various other disagreeing customers.

Those who keep saying I get what I pay for? Please take your statement to all of the threads of players complaining about things such as LFR, CRZ, and various other ingame features that those paying customers are not happy with.
They should just shut up because they get what they pay for, right?
Alrighty, I do believe this thread has gone on long enough.

I understand you are frustrated with having to wait to get your ticket resolved, Niani. As others mentioned, the Customer Support Forum isn't a place to circumvent the ticket queue, phone queue, or web chat queue. We do not directly assist players with their issues here. We will provide information and insight as to how the issue can be resolved.

With that said, it looks like a Game Master was able to actually assist you with your issue 2 hours after you opened the ticket. There wasn't any reason for the thread to continue once you reached a resolution and your items were returned.

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