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im trying to appearance change one of my characters and when I click the character I am changing it takes me to the next screen for conditions and disclaimers for agree and continue button.
then it takes me to confirm the changes for this character with continue to payment button.
then I get to payment information and when I check the circle for mastercard nothing comes up for me to enter the card information.
I did many character transfers and it would come up right under the choices but this time its not showing but if I click in the area where it should be the cursor will be there allowing me to type but not showing me anything I am typing.
Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache followed by a complete browser restart? Have you tried a totally different browser?
yea did all of that was using ie then tried chrome did a restart and same : (
Have you made certain your MasterCard information was set up on the account?

As you tried Internet Explorer and Chrome, have you tried Firefox? You may also wish to clear your cookies and cache in your browsers and try again.
hi, yes I just tried firefox as well. I also went on my wifes new computer we purchased about a month ago and im getting the same issue. everything is good up until I check the circle for mastercard then nothing comes up to where u would enter the information.

when I check off paypal or giftcode the screen will load and allow me to enter information but for visa.. mc.. amex or discover nothing comes up to enter info.

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