501 prot/508 fury+505 frost mage lfraid 8-12~

Looking for a group that raids preferably between tues and fri 8pm-11pm but will go up to 12 if needed , any time weekends and not on mondays (can stay later on certain weeks depending on work) . I myself have experience in early BC and Wrath. I raided in cataclysm as a bear/cat and raid led,however I dont wish to raid lead anymore. I'd like to DPS but will tank if needed, If you check me out on armory my battletag is sinincarnate#1667, . My exp has been hinderd for this current expansion due to the group having poor attendance. I do my own reasearch on all fights and strategies as well. ps i may need to itemize atm

The mage has exp in wrath and cataclysm as well, and spec is frost. The raid times are the same for the mage, we're both looking to join a group, the same group preferably. The mage also researches all fights and strategies. If intrested mssg me Thaandri in game or post reply we will be happy to fill any apps if needed. You can also look up the mage mnëmosyne in the armory.
if your interested my guild is looking for more people to make the jump to 25s we raid tues, wed, thurs 10pm - 1am server. if you are interested in that let me know.
that is too late for me i have to be up by 6 am on certain days so 12 pm is the absolute lateset even then i would be dragging @ raid and sever is also my time (cst)
I wouldn't mind looking over a couple applications and speaking with both of you sometime in the near future. Our guild recently transferred to the server and are in the process of filling in the gaps created by the transfer.


Therein is our recruitment post and a link to our new website (still an in-progress) with our short application.
bump updated times available
still looking for solid group
bump 2 dps lfg will go together or sperate

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