Cant decide

In YOUR opinion, what has the best casting animation and looks the coolest in gear?
Goblins. Male and Female.

Male worgen look cool at first but by damn does it get old fast. The female ones... what in the hell is that anyways?

Gnomes often look like they're taking a dump.

Don't have any problems with dwarfs, but they're dwarfs so...

Humans... I like the human animations, but warlock spells are often depicted with the less animated animations...

Orcs... The male is just odd but the females are OK.

Trolls look way too stiff.

Undead are good but overused.

Blood Elves are too pretty.
Best Animations hands down Undead.
Best Looks? Gnomes.
Rolled a Goblock because I fell in love with the casting animation
undead, im torn between male and female though
There are waaaay too many undeads and they're and ugly imo. Don't go undead. Eww. just, eww
Best animations on the Alliance side: Dwarf Male. Definitely Dwarf Male. Plus they have the hidden racial bonus, Epic Beards. You get more EXP because you picked the best race in the game.

Best looks on the Alliance side: Ehhh...Gonna go with Dwarfs and Worgen.

Best animations on the Horde side: Male Goblin, Male Undead, Male Troll

Best looks on the Horde side: Male Orc
Alliance Side:
Personally I can't stand Human males or any worgen animations. Human females, gnomes or dwarves are the way to go.

As far as gear, Human females generally look good in everything, except t15 shoulders are disgusting, gnomes are also a solid choice.

Horde Side:
There's none in particular that are bad, but I like the undead females and orc females casting animations, but all of them are pretty good.

For Gear with the horde, I tend to find Female orcs look best, but that's probably cause they look more human and i'm partial to that look.
Human female and undead female are the best.
I like both female and male Draenei animations. I get that Eredar warlock vibe from it. Too bad they can't be warlocks. Some favorites for specific specs:

shadow priest : female undead
mage : female human
affliction lock : worgen male, undead female
not a big fan of my fem-orc channelling animation.

i normally roll male undead for everything

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