Blood DK and Rogue LF New Raid

Rogue ilvl 502
Blood DK ilvl 514
Prot Pally ilvl 496

Looking to server transfer due to a very dead server. We are currently 9/12N with our current guild, but looking to progress a bit quicker. Looking for a raiding guild that starts around 8pm EST. Please let me know if you are interested!

History: United As One was founded April 13th 2013 and has flourished beutifully in such a short time. It was created by Kaneika with the help of complete strangers who have grown to be a family of friends. The guild is by no means a kid-friendly guild. Everyone are mature adults who can handle themselves and contains an R-rated chat both in-game and on Mumble. The goal of this guild is to make it the best guild on Stormrage as not necessarily being the #1 guild in terms of progression, but being the best guild to be a part of, on the realm. I have 8+yrs experience and 3 of them are with raiding.

Personal Progression: 10/12 TOT

We have venues fit for all types of people be it casual or hardcore. We will have 3 Core Groups and they are as follows:

Team 1 (Name TBD): Tues - Wed - Thur 7PM - 11PM
Team 2 (Name TBD): Wed - Thur - Fri 12AM - 3AM
Team 3 (Name TBD): Fri - Sat - Sun 7PM - 11PM (casual)

We will also have organized PVP events which will be handled by our PvP Division Officer(s)

We also would like to extend our services to new players and will have teams set up for leveling, running dungeons, and offering advice on all classes, specs, professions and so on.

We currently have openings for 2 Raid Leaders, all raid spots and all Class Leaders, however you must have an Authenticator attached to your account to be a Leader.

Raid Leaders: Must know all fights, and most class mechanics to assist players achieve the guild's goals.

Class Leaders: Must know your particular class in all 3 specs and be able to assist players achieve their maximum potential.

We currently have Mumble and a website:

If you need any more information, please contact me via REAL ID: soleina#1660
Please indicate in your request comments that you would like to

A: Obtain more information about the guild
B: Apply to the guild

Have a fantastic day and hope to hear from you soon!


Hello there, Composure is a new 25m guild searching for players skilled in their class. The GM/Officer's have a lot of heroic raiding experience under their belt. Our goal is to build a Skilled and dedicated 25m roster this tier so for t16 we can go for high rankings. We raid Tue, Wed, Thur, Mon, from 9pm to 12pm EST.

Rules: Show up 10-15 mins before the raid starts. Bring your food/flasks. Read up on boss fights that we encounter. Read up on your class/spec and see what needs to be improved.

Tank - Blood dk
Healer - 1 Resto shaman and 1 Resto Druid
Dps - 2 Warlock, 2 Mage's, 2 Shadow priests, 1 Rogue, and 1 hunter


If you have any questions whisper Masz (josh69#1141) or Eagan (eagan#1755)
Red Yeti Team is forming two new raid teams. A PM team ( Tuesday & Wednesday from 8pm - 12am ) and an AM team ( Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 9am - 12pm (noon) ). Both teams are looking for a tank. If you would like to know more please message me in-game (NamelessD#1533) or read my thread ( ).

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