Arguss official Herald of the titans sign up

Continuing on from my last thread.
Me and friend are now geared, so are now really looking for other people.
If you want to come please leave your characters name/realm/class/spec
My battletag is Boongo#1540, or add my friend Xeno12#6955
Date is still uncertain as am unsure of how many will be interested
Mine and friends are

Karajh - Tichondrius Blood DK

Monklyfe - Amun'thul Windwalker monk
My battletag is Boongo#1540 or Xeno12#6955
Laurelia - Barth. Disc priest. I'll xfer ally closer to the time.
Holy pally, ready to go.
Aint no flash to me blad
Intrinsical/Dath'Remar/Resto/Shammy :

Needs some work but quickly getting there.
Warrior DPS
<This Character
Managed to get this done last weekend, so shall be pulling out.
Benighted, we're alliance sorry :s
started gearing my feral druid today, shouldn't be long now
Mirinella - Hyjal - geared tank. Just missing shield, but have enough JP to buy 200 ilvl one if I don't get one in time.
Seems you already have a lot of Rogues, I'm leveling my Rogue and interested in obtaining this title. If there are spots available, please let me know ASAP.

You guys sicken me.

Don't even have professions.

Tsk-tsk aah.
Some of us do. :<
My battletag is Barackoshama#1160
Fully twinked priest who is herald ready is able to be hired. I do this often.

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