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Earthen Ring
Welcome to Monolith's Recruitment Tread.
Stay awhile and Listen! ~ Deckard Cain

Wish you were part of a guild that was actually helpful with members that play often?
Then look no further, what you want is to join Monolith!

We are a Semi-Casual Guild on the Earthen Ring Server ,we need more core members as we are newly created. We are looking for new folks that want to join our family friendly guild. we have a handful of members in our stables and are looking for additional quality people to further progress into new content.

If you're a friendly TEAM player, like to have fun, and know your class and spec well, then we want to hear from you. Reliability is a bonus, as we need members that will play often, and are willing to help out their fellow guild mates, and Raid when the guild is ready.

Again please keep in mind the Key word is Helpful. We are a drama free guild and we all know that Real Life comes first. Most members in this guild were around since the old Vanilla WoW days - who remember what the thrill of progression Raiding meant at that time- with some members of the guild not coming into the game until BC. Our roster varies in age- 18 - 45 averaging in our 30s mainly. This is an adult guild. If you are looking for a mature guild that is helpful and drama free then you might wanna drop an application with us on our website. Attitude is everything,-and gear can be worked on easily. We will be actively using our forums for sharing strats, sign ups, Role Playing and lots of other communication!

We are looking for ALL classes and levels as we are starting at the ground floor!

You don't have to be an expert but at least be familiar with some of the content, and KNOW your class.

Raid schedules will be discussed when we have enough level 90's in guild to start them up.

Also note that becoming a member of Monolith is like being part of a family. We are looking to enjoy a high member retention rate, and when we "guild" members it is important to us that they want to be a functional part of our family , which means enjoying the good times and working through the bad ones. We are not here to advance you to the next best thing. We will be up front with you, and we expect the same courtesy in return.

If you want to join a GREAT casual guild on the server that will be there for you whenever you need help then hurry up and contact a member of Monolith today!!!!

whisper me (Protectus), Lilphee, Tyketzu, in game for more info and guild invite

Or just put in an application on our website!

monolith-er.wowstead. com

(Remove the space before the [com] )

Thank you all for reading.

MONOLITH from the retro classic to the current end game, we may not be the first but we do it BETTER!
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You folks sound interesting. :)

Two of us just started on Earthen Ring and we're looking for a good guild of laid back mature folks to play with. I'll look you up in game but if you see me first, please, feel free to shoot me a tell.
Sounds like a plan just look for one of us online and ask for the guild invite. look forward to having you guys aboard!
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