<A> TDR Recruiting A Healer/Social Players

Hello all! Been a while since I have had to do this so let's see if I can forget anything.

On the raiding front we are looking for a capable and motivated healer for ToT 10-man. We are currently 6/12 and raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 6PM-9PM ST. We would prefer a Monk or Shaman but anyone else that believes they can handle their own is welcome to message me and you will be considered. Ilvl can be flexible as we are running LFR wings for the first hour of raid time Tues/Wed for quick queue times and quick clears for gear/secrets, but your gear should at least be reasonable for ToT.

On the social front we are open to anyone looking for a place to call home. We have not actively recruited in an age so the guild is currently small and consists mostly of the 10-man raid rotation. For this reason I am more than willing to bring in large groups who enjoy playing with each-other, and even guilds that may be struggling to level and get perks or find professions etc. I believe we have every profession covered with nearly every recipe in the game at our disposal. Having several altaholics has not hurt on that front over the years. :)

If you are interested in the healer position feel free to contact me and if you are looking for the social invite contact any of the officers (Divynyty, Shinxu, Siliskor, Grubbell or Skarlet)

We also have a dusty application forum on our website at www.thedemonicreich.com

You can also contact me through battle tag at Kyrish#1900. Yes, I got one of the easiest tag numbers ever. Ty Blizz!

For a little history on us we are one of the original vanilla guilds on the server. I believe WhiteHand and Ruined are the only two longer lived than us? Hard to remember after so many years. Most of us, especially the officers, have played and raided from vanilla on through every content patch. I have both horrible and some rose-tinted memories of 40-man raids and still kind of miss 25-man raiding myself, but after so many years the logistics really eroded me which is why we are 10-man now. But I always had more fun when the guild was larger and would absolutely love bringing people in to see the guild become a bit more lively again. And really, how often can you hear the same people over mumble every night? I would love to hear some new voices!

Many of us actually like doing social activities outside of raiding as well. We do heroics for valor, LFR together as was mentioned above for quick queues, dino bone farm groups, transmog classic runs, mount runs, achievement runs and a couple of us (especially myself and Skarlet) are huge into the Pet Battles. Myself and a couple others even enjoy PvPing, and sometimes I tend to take it a little seriously. Horde have to be put in their place after all, amirite. Joking.

Kind of.
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