I think I've had enough.

simply put, there are tonnes of good, friendly, respectful players out there, you just have to find them. there are far more of those players then the dicks and ragers.
I started playing arenas seriously this season, with literally no grasp on how this class works competitively and no previous experience besides capping weekly on past seasons.

The first thing I did was look up every guide on hunter PVP. Literally all of them. Read them word for word. Watched videos of the better hunters, messaged them on youtube or twitch to ask what I can work on, and explained my situation.

I read all my talents and abilities at least 100 times to really grasp what they did and in what situations they could be used.

I looked up other class talents and abilities to know what I'd be up against and know what to look for and how to counter it.

I talked to my friends who PvPed often and asked them for tips on stuff like positioning, mobility, and focus pooling that I couldn't find in most guides.

Slowly, I saw my rating start to climb. At the very very beginning, I couldn't even break 1300. Then after a week I couldn't break 1400, then 1500, etc. But I was still getting better. Yesterday I finally broke 1700, and I can see myself getting better and learning to play.

That is my advice to you: Use the internet. Anything you can ever need to know will be on the internet I promise. Then THATS when you start jumping onto teams and trade chatting partners for experience, after you've learned just about everything you could.
I've been routinely over 1800 and I always try to be nice to people. I try to give advice in legitimate "help wanted" threads. I don't make fun of people for being low rated. We've all been there.

Honestly, the way that I look at it, I have a very limited amount of free time between work/family/etc. I'm not going to spend the little bit of time that I have to spend on this hobby being in conflict with people or acting like a 14 year old. It's about fun. There's no sense in making it not fun for yourself or someone else.

Now. I run boomkin/demo in 2s. We do very well considering the fact that neither one of our classes is super effective in 2v2. Our mmr has been floating in the 1875-1925 range since the beginning of the season, and given the fact that the highest ranked 2s has been 2k-2100 for the majority of the season; we've been seeing a lot of gladiators/duelists in our 2s matchups.

You would be amazed at how many melee/healer and hunter/healer, etc. teams with titles will /spit or teabag us if they win. That's just extremely poor sportsmanship. I can see it if they're facing a blood dk/healer team and the match takes 30 minutes and the healer turtles after the dk dies, but we're a pretty weird comp, and it's not like we're overpowered or a "cheese" comp.
^ Demo/Boomkin is actually a very very strong 2s comp, both on paper, and in practice. Just wanted to point that out, not really looking to argue.

But yeah, I often have people whisper me after games in 2s on my Shaman. Sometimes 3s, but I get more "Hey we should play" whispers than anything, and if it is negative I just don't respond as they are not worth my time. This is at 1800-2k rating.
You aren't bad until you run !@#$ing DOUBLE BLOOD DK IN 2S
The best partner I've had went something like 10-2. He was a Glad in BC, but quit since then and just came back. He's amazing at the things of arena like LoS, and CC, and all of that.

What? We brag about 10-2? Damn. I must be a god...
To the OP, I can help you with addons, that would help you out. But, just watch good players. Understand ALL classes. And ALL of thier abilities. Look me up on YouTube.com/stiggz1337 I'm not the best but, going 10-0 is pretty easy for me in 2s.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with being average or sub par as long as you're having fun. It's a game after all if it's not fun what's the point? I've only hit 1800 this season I've been called bad numerous times (which BTW is an awfully lame insult if I was going to insult I would say at least 20 different things before that.) And I couldn't care less because I play with friends not "friends".

My best advice is to embrace the bad in you.

People who act out while playing games are just angsty children. These people will not be respected or go anywhere in life until they do some growing up.

BTW xfer to KT ally everyone here is super cool. It doesn't matter if your 1500 or 2500 people are just chill.
that !@#$% is using you son
Sounds like your "friend" is just a typical girl gamer that feels entitled to everything, and is carried by guys who are craving attention. Just accept the fact that she's a parasite, and she only plays with you when she can benefit, with no concern of mutual benefit (I don't mean to insult girl gamers, as the cool ones out there will fully agree with my statement as well).

Just for the record, the player of my acquaintance's character is male. I refer to people by their character's gender off-hand. It's a habit I picked up a while back. Also, I got a lot of good tips from Xvvll today - thank you - and I may have a 3s team. :)
Wow, sorry to hear about what happened. If you message me in game I'll give you my b tag and you can ask questions when you have them.
she's not really your friend bro. and she doesn't deserve all the help you provided her.

however, it is also bad manner unnecessarily draw out the game. i don't know why no one has brought this up; not that this is an excuse for her rudeness.

no one's gonna think you're decent because you can survive for a little while against a dps/healer in 2's after your partner died from not being healed...
I'm right where the OP is, but it's not the other people playing the game that's frustrating. No matter how hard I try or how much research I do I can't break that 50:50 win/loss ratio. In arenas and rbgs that means you're stuck behind a glass wall at about 1300-1500 rating. I got good players who were patient and yet could not break 1550 in either 2s or 3s, I got 1500 last season when warriors were in good shape but could not get past that. I'm tired of trying in this game only to face a brick wall. I swore to myself this xpac I would get some decent pvp achieves and no matter what I do it doesn't happen. Makes me feel this game has been a big 7 year waste of time.
Bajheeras nice :3, thats about all i can think of
I like doing arenas and capping anybody that wants me. I've gotten a bunch of partners that just left if we were up against certain comps, or left after one loss. However, I've also gotten a few awesome people who wanted to keep playing after caps and actually friended me. I recently played with a 1700ish rated Shammy. I told him the highest I've been was like 1560, but he was cool with it. We played a bunch of matches together and it was jolly good fun, and he taught me a few things. Even though I brought his rating down to like 1600ish he didn't care. He was a total bro.

I don't remember where I was going with this. I think what I was trying to get across was:
• Find a good person (or persons) to play with
• Have fun

• Drink lots of milk
shes probably not as good as you think she is tbh, and almost certainly not as good as she thinks she is
She looks like Jabba the Hutt probably.



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