[H] Tank and Healer LF 10M Raiding

Area 52
Hi all,

I recently (about 1.5-2 months ago) came back to the game and transferred to Area 52 to play with some friends. There was almost enough of us to start doing regular 10-mans, but for whatever reason (mostly irl stuff) the vast majority of them have not been on (or at least not as the same time as me and my Pally friend) for over 4 weeks now.

So, I and my friend - ilvl 506 R Druid and ilvl 499 Prot Pally - are looking for a group to do 10 man raiding and finally escape the hell hole that is LFR...

A little history about us:

Transferred from Medivh where we were both part of a high-end progression raiding guild - <Acid Burn> - which I believe currently sits at #1 on the server. I've been playing a resto druid since BC, and he's been playing his Pally as his main since at least last year I believe. My Druid is Elixer-spec Alch/Herbalist, Pally is JC/Mining.

We've both taken a more laid back approach to the game overall since leaving Medivh, but still login essentially every evening for something, and we still have the mindset, desire for challenge, and expectation of professionalism of high-end raiders, and LFR just does NOT cut it anymore.

I understand most people are working on ToT at the moment, and we would both love to do that too, we are just simply looking to earn our stripes in the lower tiers first at the moment.

If you decide to pick us up for your group, you are guaranteed 2 serious players, with heavy raiding background, who will be prepared with their own materials. Quick learners, expect top effort out of ourselves and those around us so we can all get the most done as we can in a raid time slot.

Reply here or send in-game mail to myself, or Dizastra. We hope to hear from some people that want a tank and a healer that want to kick some !@# and have fun while doing it.
Hello Naneth,

You should send me a message so we can chat about you guys joining us. We are in for a busy few months and summer with RL stuff and would like to have competent raiders to fill in the gaps.

I would prefer to have a real chat to discuss the options.

If you are interested contact me at zahkkul#1390 or in game on Zahkkul or Lorendo or also the raid leader Methmos if I am not online.

I am currently seeking 2 tanks and some DPS for a newley formed 10 man team.

Our goal is to be raiding tot Sun/Mon Evenings from 10:30pm ST to 1:30am ST.

I have a few members on the team that are just getting back into playing WoW. I have just moved my guild back to Area-52 from Stormreaver, so i am starting fresh here. The members I have right now are solid at their respective roles, just a cpl of them need to get geared for tot.

I hope to start running tot on the 12th. That will give use plenty of time to ensure all members are above 500, and have had time enough to watch some videos.

I will be leading this team and have 16/16 T14 and 11/12 T15 experience. I raid with multiple toons in multiple rolls.

I do have 3 healers for the group already and i do not know what kind of OS you have, or if you would even consider this offer but, if you would like to talk more about what we have going on you can add me in game.

Thanks for the interest guys! I sent you both in-game mail!

I wanted to say real fast to clear up any possible confusions or future problems (/bump thread): at the moment we're not looking to explicitly siwtch guilds - as we have a pretty stacked bank we've built and are still trying to figure out what our friends are wanting/doing - so are looking for more pocket positions at the current time.

Now, that doesn't mean we are less committed to bringing you our A-game for the sake of real raiding, and I'll also say that I completely understand if a) you guys prefer to pick up more immediately permanent members atm, or b) if we sat lower on the priority list for loot distribution beneath your actual guildies. Loot is nice yes, but I'm personally willing to trade some loot to get some good experience with a solid group.

You might be thinking "Geared and competent players? Like raiding?? Dedicated, transparent, and not impatient about loot?? What lost time of Warcraft do these people come from?! "

I know, I know. It was a different time back then ;P

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