Possible realm transfer (lvl 25 Guild xfer)

Scoping out a new home for my guild.

Im not sure who would come with but I am looking at forming a 10 or 25 raid guild starting 5:30pm -8:00pm Server time Wednesday, Thursday, Firday, Monday.

Current guild is on Emerald Dream however we are finding it very hard to retain members with the 2:30am (server time) starts.

Please send me ingame whispers @ Trust#1817 if you would be interested in this, Or if you have any feedback. or comment on here :).
Myself and two friends might be interested, (tank/two melee dps)
If you aren't too attached to horde, scope FM. I think it has a bigger NZ population, and that is your target audience. Barth-horde has a full range but is probably loaded a little heavier in the WA/Singapore time zones.

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