Hard Knocks 12/12 guild.

Hard knocks is a fairly new guild looking to expand our roster to 25 man. We are currently 12/12 experience in Throne of Thunder normal mode 10 man and only one boss behind that in our 25 man which we look to change very soon. We are looking to move on to 25 man heroic modes and we are looking for players with the experience and skills we have. We hold a very competitive group of players that are all over the world of logs ranks, and are just itching to move into heroics and make a mark there as well.

What we are looking for:
Shaman (elemental)
Hunter (Survival or Beast mastery)
Frost Death knights
Monk Healers

What you can expect.
We provide a to the point type of leadership . We will not baby you, and will tell you if you are doing something wrong . We are all very motivated to progress far and expect that in our raiders. We provide food buff and soon flasks. We are all experienced raiders with a lot of heroic kills under our belts. So we have high expectations.

What we expect from you.
We expect you to come in and play your part. We expect you to have your 300 food buffs . We expect you to have your gear properly enchanted and gemmed. We expect you to be reforged properly. We expect you to show up on the time you agreed to show up on . Yes this is not a job and it's just a video game. But when you make 25 other people wait for you and you not show up because you wanted to go out and party . Don't expect to come back and be in my guild . We expect you to be knowledgeable on every single fight in the instance. Don't care if it takes us a year to get to it . You should know it and be ready for it. You should be able to pull 110k dps minimum. Pulling 80k dps at 490 ilvl is unacceptable. If you can't hold up to these standards then this is not the guild for you.

How to app
You should get in contact with me at Goon#2768 or Go to fill out an application at www.Hardknocks.guildlaunch.com

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