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What is going on in here? Who's Lore?

Actually nvm
Grats Lore. Your insight and passion for the game will be a boon for the wow team. Don't let any misguided superiors cause you to stray from your beliefs, they may think they mean well but your insight is usually better, which will ultimately be better for the game in general and thus all that work on it.
Is he the guy who won "So you think you can dance" Season 4?
So, if he's "Lore," then where's Data?

Gratz to him BTW. :)
Congratulations Lore. Religious watcher of your blogs. xD
Dont know the man personally but been watching legendary for years. Seems like a good, smart dude, with a good sense of humor. Good hire for Blizz and good for Lore. Hope they have the foresight to allow him to continue making video content to reach the community. I could totally see him doing a show once a week where he talks to a dev or shows some behind the scenes stuff.
Hey Lore, hope I'm not too late to the party!

I came to your Marmot/PST videos after lingering on the Tankspot site in early Cataclysm studying boss videos, and started using them to alleviate the tedium of farming up endless fish feasts for my 10 man raid. More recently, I've been relying on your insightful commentary and good-humored banter with the Legendary co-hosts to make hours of LFR queues more bearable.

I've seen plenty of raiders, fan sites, and community members come and go, so I figured that your videos weren't going to last forever, but as sorry as I am to see them end, I'm glad that it's for a far better reason than simply burning out or drifting away from the game. The story of how you 'leveled up' from WoW Player -> Raider -> Forum Contributor -> Forum Moderator -> Video Personality -> Community Personality -> Community Manager is a great story and a testament to your dedication to the betterment of the game as a whole. The decision to add you to the official community team is a credit to your experience and skills, and to Blizzard in selecting someone with an established presence in the community.

I look forward to imagining you sitting in front of your camera as I read your future blue-hued posts. In the meanwhile, time to find some other source of well-reasoned, insightful WoW media I can stream while I grind...

See you at Blizzcon maybe! /cheers
Grats! Wow, now what am I going to be able to listen to like a geek when I'm on the treadmill XD

Try convert to raid podcast, these guys are entertaining and insightful about anything that has to do with raiding/wow

@Lore hey man, you deserve this, I'll spare you the long post, but just know I've been following your stuff for a few years no (Yes I did watch every single marmot/pst/legendary/etc) and I've seen you grow to what you are now (sounds weird but it's true!) and I couldn't think of a better time for you to make the move. Good luck with everything and I expect nothing less than excellence when you're in the HQ. Working FOR us with US. thank you!

-Reck, that frenchy lock who app'ed once or twice to your guild before ;)
I'm sure I speak for many more that have yet to see this but Big Congrats. I enjoy your view points on how you interpret encounters and I think you will do great with Blizzard.
gratz lore I'm a huge fan of pst rapidfire, pst, and the weekly marmot.
I raided with Lore on my Death Knight back in WotLK! WINNING
Enjoyed following his and Aliena's vids a couple/few years ago. Wish him the best at Blizz.

EDIT: Haha... just saw his latest vid the "goodbye". Our little boys grown up! Awww.

Ooh! I just saw what happened with Aliena. Guess she grew up too! Oh my.

^ This is classic Lore.

Listen to his gripes/complaints and you'll understand why Blizzard keeps moving towards killing off PVP. They suffer from a really bad case of "groupthink" at this company, and are damaging their brand.

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