Thunder Isle: Can't go 2 sec without aggroing

What the hell. Why can't you go 10 feet without pulling Aggro?

You should be able to stand in a spot for 10 seconds. You should be able to walk 10 feet without a Mob jumping on you.

I stop to look at my map pretty much anywhere and BAM! Aggro on something.

Chill out on the dense packing there Blizzard. You wonder why people hate dailies? Either we have to fight tooth and nail for a Mob, or they are freaking everywhere so dense are they that you couldn't even enjoy the area or appreciate the work gone into it because you don't have even 2 seconds to look around without a fight.

You guys are now in Time Out!!!
When I'm done or when I pull too much, I just run (even if I get dismounted) and drag everything with me and then jump into the quest NPC's bubble of safety. Instant aggro wipe. The second floor of the big building with the rare is also a safe zone or jumping down to the ocean. They won't chase you far.

You have the Total Immune LOL You Can't Hit Me thang as a pally!

It's best to do those dailies with friends/guildies/random strangers til you gear up.

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