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Ok so I do both dps and tank. I am trying to find a balance between stat weights that can give me optimal output for both specs.

Currently, I am (I will reforge later) thinking of about 7k haste, dropping haste stat weight after that. After that should I go crit straight? or should mastery and crit share the same weights?

As far as I know, Mastery is much more beneficial stat for tanking than WW. Wanted other BwM input.... as a late starter I am starting ToT this week. Ive heard that for beginning ToTers Mastery is stronger, but I find that I am doing great at most bosses.

Is there another way (other than asking healers) to gauge your tanking mitigation/avoidance etc
I play all the specs, and I just put a ton of mastery into my dps/tank gear. Stack it as high as I can. Honestly my haste is so low and I don't even worry about it. I have about 3.7k haste with my dps gear on and that's only because most of my gear comes with haste on it. And like 6k mastery, about 3.5k crit. Mastery is very powerful for both specs. But in the end, (for tanking, at least) go with whatever build makes you most comfortable. I have friends who tank with haste heavy builds,some who have everything even. It all depends on how you like to deal with your incoming damage as a Brewmaster.
That is probably the best middle ground for you. BrM's are shedding a lot of haste which puts them below what WW typically like so between 6k-7k is probably good.

Also try and get to where you can switch to DW it's much more DPS for WW and I prefer it for BrM on how the Elusive Brew stacks generate.

Most BrM are chossing the DPS legendary meta (crit + capacitance) so we work very well between both specs and gear almost the same.
I have two fist weapons for WW. So it works out. My reforge light that I use in game unfortunately cant handle 3rd stat capping.

I want to put my haste at about 6-7 k. Then I will probably up my crit a bit more, though I am having no problems at the moment with RNG or anything, having Elusive Brew available. I consistently get my shuffle up to about a minute, but 1000 wasted in one stat can go to mastery.

Mastery would be great for TeB if it wasnt so funky on how we have to use it.
Mastery would be great for TeB if it wasnt so funky on how we have to use it.

Yeah I just got the Rune of Re-origination but probably don't h ave enough off set pieces to make a mastery set that wont completely mess up my current BrM setup.

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