Dark Sim...educate me

Death Knight
Chillblains chains of ice, frozen power frost shock, and frost nova all count as a freeze effect that will allow you to use a simed deep freeze. There's your pro tip for the day.
this thread so reminds me of todays random bg dark sim....simed a mages mirror images...blink....locks immolate...mages armor...and all the goodies lol...even managed to steal monks bubble...monks heals...preist bubble...preist stationary bubble...and so forth...lmao

the mage literaly just stopped and stared as i summon 3 more of me out of no where lol...and the same mage got his blink taken by me haha...that was even better
Getting Mirror Images always makes me smile a bit.
I once simmed Smmon Infernal In a Tol'Barad match.

I cackled with glee
Pillar of Frost.

Dark Sim.


Once you kill a Shaman this way, you've officially won the game.
I had stolen ice block in an arena he started to blow CD's i used it. My arena partner had busted up laughing. Then by the time the ice block was done I had stolen his blink and finished him off...Laughs were had by all...except the mage and his dead partner they were pretty upset I bet.
You've got 2 basic scenarios to use DS:

1. Get a spell you want. See someone casting poly, cyclone, etc. and want it, go for it. Anticipate bubbles, novas, whatever, same deal, go for it.

2. The ever so slightly more advanced method of blocking them for a global. See a mage that probably wants to blink or nova but you know they're aware, toss a dark sim on and they gotta blow a global to ice lance or whatever before they can do what they want.
wtf is up with the answers in this thread...seriously. You should really never be trying to steal anything but CC. Your focus macro for dark sim should look something like this.

/cast [@focus] Dark Simulacrum
/cast [@focus] Cyclone
/cast [@focus] Hex
/cast [@focus] Polymorph
/cast [@focus] Fear
/cast [@focus] Psychic Scream
/cast [@focus] Hammer of Justice
/cast [@focus] Fists of Justice

These are all the things that are fairly simple to predict.

Cyclone, Fear, Polymorph, Hex are all casted abilities. You should be able to just dark sim the person during their cast....similar to if you were interrupting their cast.

Psychic Scream, Hammer, and Fist is really just all about watching the players on the opposing team. If they start running straight towards your healer...chances are they are about to throw out a CC. So these you predict by their movement towards your healer.

Other than that I would suggest away from trying to steal anything else.

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