<Pax Umbris>

Peace, Shadows

A seed was planted, and its name was Peace. It was planted in a barren place, a place of darkness where any such thing as Peace must surely languish forever, never to grow, always to die.

But Peace did not die; instead, it sprouted roots, and these roots were four in number. Having no light to guide them, Peace’s fourfold roots grew into the shadows, each drawing nourishment to the seed in its own way.

One root sensed that the soil was barren because of briars and weeds and other invaders which lived only to keep the land barren, that Peace could never grow; this root did not delve too deep into the earth, and broke the surface of the land in many places both near and far. Wherever the root surfaced, it hunted for, and choked, bramble and briar and weed, enemies great and small, that they might threaten Peace no longer.

The second root grew more deeply into the ground, but also surfaced in places both near and far; wherever this root surfaced, it blossomed, and its blossoms blessed the barren soil so that it became fertile once again, that what was barren would become verdant.

The third root grew deep, deep, delving down into the forgotten places of the earth. It drew into the seed many secrets hidden in these deepest holding-places, and so nourished Peace with Knowledge and Power; and, more importantly, knowledge of power.

The fourth root knew that Peace would need to be defended from that which would destroy it; therefore, it encircled the seed, guarding it from whatever may seek to attack it.

As the fourfold roots of Peace drew nourishment to the seed from the very shadows, the seed became a sapling; the sapling’s branches began to grow and multiply, reaching higher and further; its trunk grew thicker and stronger and taller; Peace grew, fed in shadows yet seeking after light.

Still it grows. Still it seeks.

We are now accepting all levels and classes.

<Pax Umbris> is a guild that was recently charted on Ravenholdt. We are are an RP/Social guild; roleplaying is our hobby, and we enjoy the ride on this unique social vehicle that is World of Warcraft.

As a roleplaying guild, we are looking for more roleplayers to create and experience stories both within guild and without. The type of roleplayers in our guild range from Light (frequently out-of-character) to heavy (almost never out-of-character).

We ask that players make some effort to research the lore established by Blizzard’s oft-criticized writers. We don’t necessarily require a lot of experience (we believe that creativity is the first and foremost hallmark of a good roleplayer) but we discourage lore-breaking, god-modding, or “mary-sue” characters. We—along with most of the wonderful community here on Ravenholdt—are willing to offer help and constructive criticism for any players who have questions about their characters, their story ideas, or Blizzard’s lore.

We ask that members refrain from excessive profanity as well as from vulgarity, both when interacting with other guild members and with the community at large. Purposefully offensive and bullying or griefing behavior is not acceptable in any setting. That said, we want guild chat and other media for communication to be a safe place for all members to share, and we encourage members to speak their minds without fear of retaliation. Guild chat is OOC and meant for socializing; we don't have a voice chat set up at this time.

We have a few who enjoy PvP as much as RP (I refer to our playstyle affectionately as RPPvP, much like our beloved realm), and we definitely plan to instigate as much WPvP as we can as the guild grows. We do expect sportsmanlike conduct from any of our members who engage in PvP. We don’t care if our members want to kill that red name they see, even if they do it for no reason… but we don’t allow ganking grays, and we don’t allow “camping” (i.e. killing an enemy and then hanging around waiting for them to resurrect so you can kill them again).

As a new and small guild, we are a long way yet from running current raid content. We do run legacy pre-Mists-of-Pandaria content for transmogrification gear or achievements, and we do run MoP heroic dungeons, but that is the extent of our PvE ventures at this time.

Joining and Membership
As suggested in the vignette above, the concept of Pax Umbris is a group of individuals who work to promote and protect peace. There are four divisions of the guild, each with their own conception of what this means and how to go about it. Our ranking structure reflects these four divisions and will be adjusted as necessary as the guild grows.

If you’re interested in putting your character in the guild, please apply at our guild website (http://pax-umbris.wowstead.com) and/or contact us in-game to speak with an officer.

Thank You
For reading through this run-down of our guild; feel free to ask any questions or offer any input you wish in this thread.

Oh, one other thing, Ravenholdt: <3
Oh, one other thing, Ravenholdt: <3


Best of luck to <Pax Umbris>

<Ominous Latin Name>
<Ominous Latin Name>

Cue ominous music.

Wanted to elucidate on the guild. Our lowest rank, Initio, is an OOC rank for people who wish to receive the guild tag before RPing their character's way into the guild. Upon joining the guild ICly, the character is promoted to Sodalis, and will eventually decide which of the four divisions suits them. The four divisions have much different views on how to approach the larger goal of protecting and fostering "peace"--just as they don't necessarily agree on what "peace" actually is.

I've been getting some questions in /tell and I thought I'd answer them here.

You're an RP guild, right? Is your guild good or bad?
Yes. Our character alignments range from chaotic neutral to lawful good and everything in between.

Are you RP PvP?
Yes. Though not all of the guild is active in PvP, we do run 2's and 3's to get people capped and have begun to run rbg's with our friends. In the words of Matasuntha, a lot of us are casual hardcore PvPers. We have no intention of being competitive in terms of ratings.

Do you allow lore breaking?
Not really. We accept lore [I]bending[/I] but not lore breaking. It's always a good idea to keep yourself open to suggestions and questions; again, there are many people on the server who can help you with lore.

Do you raid?
Not current raids at this time. As mentioned, we do run content up to and including Cataclysm raids. Some of our members are showing interest in more ambitious PvE and one of them has experience as a raid leader, so we'll just have to see.

Do you require an IC or OOC interview?
I don't know that I like the word "interview" but... yes. We feel that some exchange of information is necessary before someone we don't know joins the guild.

What is it with you and hunter weapons?

How do I choose the right hunter for my party?
Oh, very interesting! Thank you for sharing this information, Ryoka. I'll make sure to point people your way! Good luck to you!
I endorse Ryoka's new effort without reservation.
Thanks guys! :)

have begun to run rbg's with our friends in <Voltaic> and <Twilight Empire>.

Can't believe I forgot to mention a certain member of <Indelibles> who is invaluable. Thanks for rolling with us, Legion!
Hmmmmmm....I like it!

Nice work kiddo!
LOL...I dont have to worry about any stinking hunter rolling on my stat stick anymore. That Agi polearm/staff is MINE...MINE!!!

Monks?!? who and what the hell are monks and why the heck do they need my stat stick... Damn you Blizz...druids got screwed again...

Awesome Video...

Bumping an awesome Hunter Vid.

The guild has grown a bit, and started to develop its personality, so to speak.

Just like the guild has four divisions ICly, our members have distinct differences in playstyle and attitude; it's not an exaggeration to say that we have something to offer a wide variety of RPers now.

Some of us are RPPvPers. We'll be running weekly RP-PvP (read: WPvP while RPing) events; it turns out even a small group can still make for a fun time.

A few of us can be found frequently in the Hearthstone or in cities, RPing in a much different way.

Whether you like PvP or more social gameplay, we're always looking for more roleplayers to join us.
I could not endorse this guild enough.

Having role played with many of the <Pax Umbris> members on this or that character of mine,
they have all been genuinely fun to be around!

Although young, it is one of the very best RP guilds on the realm. The characters the guild attracts are simply amazing.
Just let me know when I can kill you guys
Thanks so much, Nineeve! That's very good to hear.

Just let me know when I can kill you guys

Come at me, bro.
05/19/2013 11:34 AMPosted by Lurc
There is no guilds on the red team

There's dozens of good guilds on the Horde, but since you're too lazy to find one, we don't want you anyways.

Okay there Mr. Knows my Motives.

Just what are your motives, hm?
Bump for a great guild on a great server.

Bump for IC raids.

Bump for against-the-odds battles in enemy cities, for epic plot lines and wonderful storytelling, for unforgettable RP, for cross-faction friendships and in-faction rivalries, for corpse runs and rezzes, for duels and arenas, for scenarios and dungeons, for gems and enchants, for /hugs when you need them, for biting remarks and witty retorts, for hours of fun and enjoyment and creativity.

Bump for friends and adventures who make an otherwise ordinary pastime seem magical.
bump for Pax.

keep it up!

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