Resto Druid LF new Guild

Hi all,

I am looking for a new guild to get my raiding fix.
I would not say I am the best restoration druid ever, but I am more competent than most. Wouldn't mind a guild with similar progression and prefer to stay Horde, but if you can offer a fun, friendly, mature environment I may be convinced to switch.

Hi there. My guild is transferring to saurfang on Saturday and will be looking at repopulating to a 25man raid guild. We will be raiding from 5:45-8pm Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday.

Add my real I'd Trust#1817 for more info. I will be on tonight
Hey there mate,

We here at <Disturbance> are a 10 man raiding guild and we are looking for a Healer to round out our roster.
We raid 8-11pm ST Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with the odd bonus Monday thrown in. We can offer a fun and friendly environment however the maturity can and does go out the window at times on vent :P

We are currently sitting at 1/13H ToT and since we only raid 3 nights a week we require our raiders to be the type to NOT stand in fire and have all your raiding mats squared away BEFORE raid time :P

Hit me up or send me an ingame mail, if I am not around then Svenski/svenskii or adrenaline for a chat.

Good luck where ever you choose but mate!


We have a spot open in one of our raid teams and would be interested in talking further, a link to our thread with more information can be found at

Good luck in your search.

Also my battletag is Xavier#1677 if you want to speak further.

We havent started heroics yet due to having a large chunk of the team away for several weeks after easter so this tier has been a really slow start for us.

Sympathy is a 25 man horde guild on Zul'jin, a very populous server. Our progression is currently 12/12 Normal (11/12 on 25's). We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11:30 EST. We are currently in need of a restoration druid for our core 25 man group.

If you're interested in talking you can add me to real ID my tag is Shraktanum#1832.

Hope to hear from you :)

[A] Ominous Saurfang is pretty keen for a resto Druid :).

We are currently 2/13 Heroic. We lost a few of our core team recently to real life. haha. We are back on track now and have an opening for a healer. We are very interested in getting a Resto druid for an immediate start.

Get me in game at Schuintts#1735. You wont regret it !


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