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Sorry if this is repetitive but are there any good monk addons that show you what spell/ability you should be using next. I'm learning how to tank on my monk and its pretty fun and different from using my pally.

Thank you for your time and hopefully will get some good hints/advice from you guys.

I use watcher on my pally, because you only have to monitor cooldowns. However, I have never tried making it work on my monk. Needing to keep up shuffle and knowing when to purify isn't something an addon can do for you (at least as far as I have seen). You need something like weakauras to track your shuffle and guard uptime.
MonkEC. You can download from curse
chibar, there, thats all you need
ChiBar is nice addon.
Thanks for all the response guys.
Chi Bar is the only monk specific addon I use

I use Grid + Clique for healing, Bartender to customize my bars & keybinds, MSBT for combat text, and Quartz for my cast bars
MonkTimers will track many things like Tiger Power duration, Shuffle duration, Guard cooldown, Elusive Brew stacks and duration after using, Keg Smash cooldown, Tigereye Brew stacks for windwalkers and rising sun kick cooldown. Plus several others. It's very easy to use and keeps all these timers in one small area. However it's very uncustomizable. Monk Helper will also track most of the stuff MonkTimers does but it has more customizing tools but it does track a few less things than MonkTimers like a stagger bar. Now if you want full customization and the ability to track almost anything you want you go Weak Auras all the way.
I'm a newish brewmaster myself. The most important things for me have been:

1) Keeping shuffle up - I have a weak aura play the "air horn" sound when shuffle falls off. Not only does it keep me acutely aware of my shuffle status but since we pull without shuffle up, the pulls have a stadium feel to them now with the horn going off as combat starts. :D

You also want to keep building shuffle uptime, I used to stop building it once I reached around 15 seconds but that is a bad idea, its far less stressful to build it up in the 30 - 40s range, and you can do this while the other tank has aggro. So you need a shuffle timer to show you shuffle uptime clearly. Sunnier has a great weak aura for monitoring shuffle.

2) Know when Keg Smash is about to come off cooldown and to have 40 energy ready for when it does. You want to KS on CD as this is a critical source of chi. For this, I use Sunnier's keg smash weak aura which has helped my tanking tremendously.

Once you get used to prioritizing KS and building your shuffle duration, you'll be able to fit in other things as needed (tiger palm to both keep its buff up AND do damage). Or SCK for AoE.

But the first two were the most important for me.
I've been using bitten's spellflash, with the monk module installed. really helps you optimize your rotation and max your dps/threat as well as mitgation abilities on brewmaster.
Weak Auras.

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