[H] <Booty Bay Surf Club> 6/12 recruiting DPS

Hey Folks,

A quick line about us:

<Booty Bay Surf Club> is a level 25 horde guild, located on the Zul'jin-US server. Most of our core group has been raiding together since 2010. If you'd like to read up more on us, please feel free to visit our website surfclub.enjin.com

What we're looking for:

2 full-time DPS, preferably warlock, DK, warrior or rogue. Item level 500 minimum, but prefer 510. Currently we're 6/12 in ToT, so we'd like someone on par with our progression / gear level.

When we raid:

Sundays @8:30pm and Mondays @9:30pm. Most raids last 2-3 hours. Depending on people's summer schedules, this may change. Be sure to list your availability when applying!

Feel free to ask any questions, and to apply, just hop on over to our website, surfclub.enjin.com

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