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So ever since the login errors a few days ago, I still haven't been able to log in. I'm not sure if it's my computer being slow, my internet, or a problem with the game. Any ideas?

What happens when you try to log in? Are you encountering an error? How far along the connection process do you get?

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I type in my email and password and it stays on connecting for about ten seconds, then it says "Disconnected from the Server" I've reset my router and computer several times over the past few days. Ran as admin. and cleared my cache.

It sounds like something is blocking the connection. There are lots of things that can cause this. Are you able to pull up and use the game launcher? What security program are you using on your system?

Disabling or temporarily uninstalling firewall and anti-virus programs can permit the game to connect successfully. Of course, do not remove security software if you can't reinstall it, and always restore disabled security after testing.

Proxy settings on your system can also block access. Make sure to disable proxy settings from the control panel:
    Pull up your Control Panel and select Internet Options.
    Click on the Connections tab.
    Click the button called "LAN Settings"
    Uncheck all of the options on that screen.
    Then try again.

How's my driving?

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