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Greetings Cenarius,

<Some Kind of Loot System> is a laid-back, progression-minded 10 man Alliance guild. We are looking to grow as a guild so we open for all levels of players. As raiders, we are a close nit group that has raided together for some time, some since Wrath, others longer than that. We are looking to fill 2 full time raiding DPS posts, a ranged and a melee. We'd prefer a warlock to help round out ranged DPS, but all ranged will be considered. Any melee class will be considered as well.

You will not be turned down if your gear is not the best, as long as you know your class, and are willing to take the time to build your gear to meet minimum requirements for ToT. We're looking for raiders that can break at least 90-100k DPS.

Current 10 man make-up:
Blood DK
Brewmaster Monk

Ret Paladin
Shadow Priest
Frost Mage

Resto Shaman
Holy Priest
Resto Druid

Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7:30 PM - 10:00/10:30 server.

We are currently 3/12 ToT and looking to push past Tortos once we fill our remaining raid spots.

As a guild, we supply flasks, potions, banquets, and repair money.

If you are interested, please send me an in-game mail, whisper, or apply through the guild recruitment feature in game. Thanks!
Hey remember me from back in the day when you helped me get through BWD just wanted to know if you actually raid the actual content of MoP. If you are could you invite me to your guild it would be a great help to me and to your guild. Usually my main is the DK Frost, I'm fully geared for the actual content. Just send a whisper or an add just to contact me or make a reply through this thread.
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