Gear/stat/gem/reforge advice for BrM

I'm finding myself being called upon more and more to tank for my guild, as the one or more of the usual tanks is often missing due to work. I'm hoping to get some high level advice for improvements to my gear/enchants/reforges/gems etc. I've used the generic Icy Veins and Mr Robot guides to get me this far, and I've had a respectable amount of success so far. I'm just looking for those last few tweaks that a high level brewmaster tank can provide me with.

So let the critique begin!
oh...and yes I know I need to upgrade the enchant on my weapon from colossus to dancing steel. I have the sha-touched staff sitting in my inventory, with that enchant already on it, and am just working my way through the lfr's to get the last few sigils of wisdom to get the sha-touched gem. at that point, I'm not sure which is better...the staff I currently wield, or the sha-touched with the sha-gem.
Hit to 7.5% and expertise to 15%. Depending on what bosses your guild is working on it may be more beneficial for you to gem and reforge to more crit than haste. I believe crit is superior for fights with a lot of physical damage. For the level 45 talent, although it's situational I think many people prefer to use chi wave but put it in a macro that will cast it on yourself to ensure that it heals you. I'm not sure about the level 90 talent, but looking at a lot of the top brewmaster tanks, not many use xuen, you may want to look into switching to rjw or chi torpedo for fights that involve lots of stacking.

If you want some easy upgrades you can upgrade those 463 pieces to 471 cheaply with jps.

Also, I don't see your guild on wol, you should see about logging your raids so you can analyze your own play or even have other people help you.

Just noticed that you're probably in your offspec set... I'm a moron.
first your glyphs. enduring healing sphere is basically a must have. as your gift of the ox will proc a lot. and lots of tiny little spheres are going to litter the ground. having a massive orb puddle to dip into will only benefit you. especially when it lasts 3 mins you can save for when you need them.

glyph of fort brew id rather have the 5% extra reduction then the 10% health. that's the first thing

hit to 7.5% exp to 15% tho a little lower wont hurt.
What iLevel is the staff? My rule for BrM is get the highest iLevel weapons you can manage and when possible Dual Wield. Though a 496+Gem will be better than the 502's from ToT LFR.

I personally don't recommend getting the 15% expertise cap until later as it usually puts a hefty strain on your Haste/Crit values at lower levels of gear. I cleared normal mode with 7.5% expertise and still ranked every week on every fight.

Only switched to 15% expertise last week when we started doing heroics.
yeah, all good advice guys....when I originally wrote this, I had logged in my BrM spec...but last night went on and did my dailies in my dps

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