Rack City [1/13H] LF DPS

About the guild:

10 Man Hardcore progression guild formed recently by former Juggernaut, Outrageous and Shining Force members.

US – Mal’Ganis

Raid Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thurs, Mon.
Raid Start: 10:00PM EST / 9:00PM CST (Server time) / 7:00PM PST
Raid End: 2:00AM EST / 1:00AM CST (Server time) / 11:00PM PST

Raids typically end a little early but on progression kills all players are expected to stay up to the end time if a kill is imminent.

Current Progression: 1/13 Heroic with H Horridon dying as soon as we can find the people we need

About Rack City: Rack City is a newly formed 10 man guild, compromised of some of the best players from top guilds. We love our former guilds but for one reason or another we all decided to take a break and we are back to return to hardcore progression in a big way this tier and with our expertise and former experience in some of the best 10 and 25 man guilds in the world, we are confident with your help we can do just that.

We have a no-nonsense approach to raiding, and the time we spend raiding is valuable to each member of our team. That doesn't mean we don’t like to have fun and tell jokes, it just means that raiding and progression come above everything else.

Applicants must:

- Meets minimum gear requirements for current progression content. We will not carry you while you gear up, but we do understand that skill > gear.

- Understand that attendance and commitment are the most important qualities of any good raider.

- Have ample raid experience and a pc capable of handling it (always overlooked for some reason).

- Have a long history of raid experience under his/her belt.

- Actively communicative when needed, and knows when to speak and when to not. Don’t bother if you don’t have a microphone. Seriously.

- Have a deep understanding of his or her class and plays it to the limits of its capabilities. Being able to understand and make improvements on a pull to pull basis using live logs is essential for progression raiding, and you are expected to know how to do this.

- know that killing dragons comes before the looting and plundering. In other words, loot is a means to an end, not the end.

What we need:

A few of our members had real life issues arise and thus unfortunately we are in need of a few great players.
We currently have a high need for 1-2 ranged dps, particularly a boomkin, as well as at least 1 melee spot, potentially 2.

For further questions:
Impassioned on Mal'Ganis or add Impassioned#1498 to btag.

To Apply:

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