2s arena ret/holy

Hey guys, I finally hit 90 last night so me having no gear is because of that lol. Anyway a friend and I want to do serious 2s. (As if 2s are even serious as most would say). He is a frost dk, I can't get him to go unholy -_- but I digress. I'm curious as to whether you guys think holy + frost or ret + frost is a better comp atm. I enjoy both Playstyles a lot and am equally good at both of them. What's your guys' opinion on what we should do with pally dk? I'd like to start gearing the right way and not having to go back and re-gear. Thanks! :)
Dk holy is better in the long run
Dk ret is good at low mmr because you both charge in, pop CDs and kill something in a few seconds or die.

Holy/unholy was awesome but frost holy is still solid.
If he's going to stay frost, you just need to keep him freedom'd and cleansed as much as possible so he gets maximum uptime on the target..
A frost dk with a lot of uptime on a target means GG
Rockon thank you Roars. I bet low MMR ret frost is fun but I really want to push 2k, and if holy is the way to do that then that's what I'll do.
GL pushing 2k in 2s :) no easy feat!
Ty! :)
I highly recommend sticking to double DPS in 2s.

If you stay healer/dps, you will find a lot of games devolve into stalling out each others burst cooldowns, they take too long, it's annoying and drawn out, etc.

Double dps always stays fast and exciting IMO - go get that kill in the first few minutes while chaining CC or go belly up!

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