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Bleeding Hollow
This is probably a shot in the dark, but I'm looking to transfer to Bleeding Hollow but my name that I've been using for 5+ years is taken.

Shout out to the owner of Spankz, lvl 20 Tauren Druid. I would like to cut a deal with you for that name. If you know the person with this toon, or are the owner, please reply to this post and we'll hash it out.

The character does not display in the Armory, which means the account could be inactive. Petition a GM (just submit a ticket through the BNet site) and if the character/account meets the (unknown) criteria then they will release that name to the public. They will reply to your ticket whether they can or cannot release the name, but once it's released, anyone can 'steal' it so you had better be on the ball.
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If I am not mistaken I was told once that you could take a toons name that has been inactive on the server for at least a year. You would have to send in a ticket to find out for sure.
Blizz will only open a name if the account is inactive. If the toon is inactive but the account has a sub running, you're sol.
you have 3 months to name change when you transfer to a new server, i did that for my warlock and scored a great name that was inactive.
I had to be Exhalation when I went to Stormreaver, after a week of BH I was Helladin once more.
Did you try Spanks lol
I did not know this; thanks for the heads-up. I'll submit a ticket ASAP.

@Orion: Spanks just doesn't have the same ring to it. ;)
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I did not know this; thanks for the heads-up.


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