{A} Order of the Nite is now recruiting!

Tired of not raiding? Always on standby? Alt runs never working out? Sick of fail PUGs?

<Order of the Nite> is openly recruiting for our core raiding team. We need all classes and roles. We'll be starting on MV and progressing accordingly.

What we expect from raiders:
ilvl 470 minimum
Come to raids prepared (flasks, repaired, gem'd/enchanted, know basic fight mechanics)
Be on time!
Have patience!

What you can expect:
Fun, respectful, family oriented members
Fair loot distribution
Guild repairs on raid nights
Reasonable progression
No drama
No elitists

<Order of the Nite> is a brand new casual raiding guild. We are starting from the ground up and are looking for active, family friendly individuals that enjoy the game, hanging out with like-minded people and don't take things too seriously (it IS a game after all). We're not pros, we're actually way behind, but we know there are others in the same situation. Now's your chance.

Feel free to inquire with either of the co-guild leaders using our battletags: romanoutlaw#1169
Länie#1206 (alt 132 for the ä).
We know that we are only a lvl 1 guild but don't let that deter you from joining a wonderful, laid back, family friendly fun bunch of people =) We are all committed to working hard at leveling the guild and forming a core raid team. Come join our ranks, meet good people, have fun and just enjoy the game together!!

As Solärium said you may add either of us by our battle tag or you can send us a /w in game or do /who on the guild, anyone on would be more than happy to invite you!
hi there, I was wondering what are your raid times?


I am considering a server transfer to Proudmoore for a more active server.
We're tentatively looking at Thu and Sun 7-?? for raiding.

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