Ret 2-piece Question

Recently got my Ret T14 chest piece from HoF LFR White Tiger Battleplate , and I am just wondering if I should use it over Chestplate of Violent Detonation IF the T14 piece will give me my 2-Set bonus.

I am noticing a huge strength loss (~300-400 total after gems & socket bonus lost) from the 502 to the 483, but I don't know if the big haste gain and 15% passive damage to TV is worth the swap.

A friend of mine told me to keep the 502, and honestly my best judgement is saying keep the 502. I went to AskMrRobot just for some degree of clarity (however misguided I may now be, due to it) and it has made me ponder this.

Advice, please?
2T14 beats 502s easily. TV's contribution to our overall damage is huge, and the set bonus is a massive improvement to its damage.
So, let's say you average 100k TVs (in no way accurate, but round numbers are easier to deal with). As I recall, the AP->wDPS conversion is AP/14, so the loss of 600 AP (strength->AP conversion is 1:2) is 143 wDPS, then multpiply that by 275% to turn it into its fraction of TV damage, so the loss of 300 strength is the equivalent of losing about 400 damage from an average 100k TV. Now, to compare, 15% of a 100k TV is 15k.

2pT14 is better.

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