Retribution: Information Request

Hi, I made this character a little while ago after having played wow off and on for a couple of years with the intention of making her my main. I planned on playing prot but found it utterly boring and switched to ret around level 35, and I haven't looked back.

I absolutely LOVE the class, and have a ton of fun playing. I have been working at gearing through every avenue available to me (though I am not raiding for various reasons) and I feel like I am doing really well for my gear level as far as damage output is concerned. I am posting this thread because I would like some critique / advice on how to improve, in the event that I have room for more improvement.

(I will use numbers from LFR here. With food buff, without flask.)

I currently do around ~130k on the AOE phase of Wind Lord Mel'jarak, which I think is the best indicator of sustained AOE available to me right now.

On the Sha of Fear in ToES I usually end up between 60k-70k DPS, depending on how crits and procs align, as well as how well I prioritized and executed my rotation.

How am I doing with that DPS at my gear level? Any tips or pointers as well as any brutal critique are perfectly appreciated.

Thanks so much!
Sounds good to me, roughly what I pulled at that average gear level. Think I may have had Shin'ka when I was at 484, though, and there was no T15 yet, but your numbers seem good.

You appear to be beyond the threshold at which haste-biased gemming becomes superior to strength-biased gemming, so your gems should be Quick yellows in yellow and prismatic sockets, Fierce orange gems in red sockets, and Lightning greens in blue sockets. Need strength on bracers once you get something 500 plus, and Dancing Steel to weapon at same; anything below 502 (T15 LFR) you can just put cheap enchants on, since you'll be replacing them ASAP.

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