looking for an addon.....

That is simply a depleting time bar for my sacred shield. I have a bad habit of not keeping the shield up all the time and I'm pretty sure a visual cue other than the little default buff square would really help. Thanks for any help given.
Power Auras if its still around (havent dont anything serious my self since 4.3 leveling up a pally now though so ill be looking for something similar soon)
Yeah PowerAuras is still around.
Another option is weakauras. You can pretty much make a count down bar for anything, and it has alot of nice features to play around with. It does take time to get used to building your own scripts, however, you can copy/paste scripts others have made already.
I have a good one called needtoknow. You can use it to time inquisition sacred shield or eternal flame or all three at once...and other things... Makes a colored bar that has the name of the buff you want timed, the minutes and seconds on the buff and you can make it any color or size you want, I love it best of all its super easy to set up and use....no scripts to write no bull!@#$...can have it set up in a minute or two and its ready to go, place it anywhere on the screen too :)

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