dungeons are too easy

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funfact botanica normal without cc requires more healing than heroic Wrath instances and most normal cata instances.

Fun fact: there is absolutely no way to properly quantify this so you're pretty much just talking straight out of your !@#.
I would rather content in which you can que and be grouped with strangers be set to the low thresholds of difficulty. To be blunt some people do not care and will not change, and there is the possibility there is no communication because your server is grouped with non English servers.

Heck there are some groups that even fail the so called fail proof heroics of MOP. Ever do arms master in scarlet monastery and have all 4 other people die to his avoidable insta jib? Ever repeat that same thing even though you tell them how to do it? Ever have that group fall apart to get replacements that do the exact same thing?

Why not give those bad players the regular and give player who want a challenge heroic mode? even for level up content. you'll get RFC regular for level 13-16 where the hunter pet can tank the boss, and the rogue can heal with bandage and drop green quality equipment, then heroic RFC, where the big magma worm boss drop fire patch on the ground, but drop blue gear?

Because anytime there's a queue system every skill level of player will use it. Especially when there's some bonus involved in doing the harder method.
It sucks that they're way too easy (really don't need a tank if your healer is geared), but it makes sense.

FTFY. They're only really easy if you outgear them, which at this point in the expansion, a lot of people do, but sometimes keep running them anyway for valor or whatever. Maybe they should make all heroics scale your gear down to 450 or so (if you're higher)? That would sure restore some challenge to people who are steamrolling them in 480+.

If every member of the group is at the minimum ilvl to enter, I don't think they would be too easy at all.
I happen to like easy. I find easy to be very fun.
I find it sad that some one has to have a challenge for some thing to be fun for them.

I honestly do not understand you as a person.
I agree with OP the risk vs reward is awful.
thats it, even when you star heroics with the minimal gear you can't even notice any dificult at all, the best challenge we can get is a timed run?

dont care about LFR tank spank bosses sucks, and qhen the minimal movemento required ones comes up people wipe because of baddies that dont know how to move since they never had in basic/heroics dungeons

I happen to like easy. I find easy to be very fun.
I find it sad that some one has to have a challenge for some thing to be fun for them.
Real life is hard enough. I like a game I can relax and play after working all day. There is time for hard when raiding. No need for it in simple content. And as mentioned before can be very fun and empowering to run dungs with an over geared group, pulling everything. Love seeing those massive numbers.

I really think this is about the audience. Just because someone likes things easy doesn't mean they are bad nor dumb. Just want to do something they enjoy without any added stress.

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