Is it worth picking up? I like the idea of making flasks and elixirs but it feels like pots would be useless.
alchemy is mainly used,in my case,for transmute.Making living steel,primal diamond or just making uncut MoP gems is a big money saver.I also use ALOT of Master healing potion,it saved my life many times in BG.Cant use pots in rbg & arena.You do have a Alchemist's Flask tho
Alchemy is good, and along with Inscription, a very common profession for people to make multiple of. I myself have five of them.

That said, I do not think Alchemy should be a high priority. Sure, they're great for transmutes and making flasks and such, but you will most likely get more gold out of another any of them except Engineering, really. If you have them all means, its a good investment
It can be an alright profession depending on your server and its population. I know on my server it is bad because of the low alliance population. I was elixir master but could barely sell a flask, I sold maybe a couple a week. So I switched to transmute mastery to try that out. People on my server are now selling living steel bars as low as 250g a piece when the average for most realms is around 400-450g. Even at 250-300g they don't sell on my server.

This kind of turned into a small rant about my servers economy being bad but you get the idea.
but it feels like pots would be useless.

My server is full of transmutation masters, and almost no one is potion master. I'm selling a lot of buff pots every week.

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